An electric car driver crashed into two abandoned telephone poles but no one was hurt

2022-05-09 0 By

At 2 o ‘clock on the fourth afternoon of the New Year, haikou Longtang Town Meiyu village road section, a car crashed into two abandoned poles of the traffic accident.At the scene of the accident, the crowd of onlookers are talking, the accident white Weima car hit beyond recognition, the vehicle simply become scrap car.In the distance from the vehicle about 30 meters away from the roadside a big longan tree, I saw the tree head of the tree pole was scraped by the vehicle fell a layer of bark, according to the insider learned that the cause of the traffic accident, from the scratch encountered this longan tree caused.On the tarmac between the trees and the cars, car parts and shards of glass were strewn everywhere.The vehicle the right rear door knocked collapse into a “concave” word is quite serious, even after the rear guard were under earthquake hit off the ground, on both sides of the front who have also had a hit the mirror, in which the left after the car tires were hit almost falls off, and on the right side of the car tyre survived, and after rolled off in about 20 meters away from the car lying on the roadside, fortunately there were no passing vehicles.The two cement poles were hit and broken, one of which was hit and broken lying on the pavement close to the vehicle, and another pole, because of the fracture lying on the road to affect the vehicle passage, after being carried by passers-by together on the side of the road.Even the front and rear airbags were blown off, but there was no one in the car.And on the other side, I saw the United States domain village mouth parked a yongcheng insurance vehicle, I saw the insurance personnel anxiously standing in front of the car waiting but not the driver of the accident, it seems that the insurance personnel should be anxiously waiting for the driver of the accident to sign it.The vehicle was towed away by a rescue vehicle at 7 p.m.