Canal News | Jiangsu “Top 10 Night Performances” list released to enjoy the “most beautiful night” in canal city

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Grand Canal media news (Zhu Guiyan) a few days ago, by jiangsu Province culture and tourism department held the “water charm jiangsu · here the most beautiful night” network red card to select the results of the activity announced!After organizing application, preliminary evaluation and screening, online voting, online evaluation and analysis and expert evaluation, the “Top 10 night performances” were comprehensively selected, half of which were from canal cities, and suzhou had 3 night performances selected, the most among canal cities.”Humble Politics ask Elegant” (Suzhou) the beauty of gardens, beauty in bone, in god, in the mood.Where are bones, gods and artistic conceptions?Humble Administrator’s Garden to create a new garden night tour project “Zhuo Zheng Ask ya” to lead visitors to “ask”.Into the garden to see the green vine, also gem tassel.Wen Zhengming for the humble Administrator’s garden thirty-one scenes, contemporary people have been unable to view its painting scene, and Zhuo Zheng asked ya to use 3D technology projection, CNC lighting and other modern technology and equipment, the painter’s ten fingers spring breeze, the moon line Range victory…They all stood up.Wherever you go, the brush will go.Whether youyou deer, or banana garden listening to the rain;Whether it is Ming Wa see mountain, or lotus wind all around, are all the art of Wumen school of art under the pen of elegant life.Xue Zhijian, director of the Humble Administrator’s Garden management Office, said that the reason why it is called “humble politics asks elegant” is to start from the aesthetic perspective of experiencing suzhou landscape, elegant is the gathering presentation of Oriental aesthetic experience, and it is interpreted here through Wumen paintings, Suzhou tea, Linquan Music, garden people one by one.”Village of The Four Seasons” (Suzhou) This is a live performance of the original ecological culture of the water town in the south of The Yangtze River. It takes the beautiful love story of Shen Wansan and Lu Liniang, the richest man in the south of The Yangtze River in the early Ming Dynasty, as the main line. From getting acquainted with each other, their love has gone through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, and finally they get married.Jiangnan people’s water stage, more than 200 actors and aborigines filled with the beauty of the water town, with unique characteristics of the humanities zhouzhuang, life zhouzhuang rich connotation, tell a legendary love story, to create a through the ancient and modern cultural performance masterpiece.As China’s first presents the aboriginal culture of jiangnan subject-live performance, the four seasons zhouzhuang in spring, summer, autumn and winter as the background, the romantic love as the line, zhouzhuang folk as the brush strokes, which depicts a visual feast of time and space, not only will flow in the history of zhouzhuang four seasons beauty reflected on the stage,More millennium town unique farming culture performance to the extreme.Interpret zhouzhuang intangible culture code, taste jiangnan’s poetic and painting life like water, “Four Seasons Zhouzhuang”, take you to know Jiangnan overnight.”Six Stories of Floating Life” (Suzhou) Garden version kunqu Opera “Six Stories of Floating Life” is an important part of suzhou night economy brand “8:30” “Jiangnan Small theater” one of the plays.In order to boost the night economy brand of “8:30 in Gusu”, the prelude of “Six Stories of Floating Life” is added with more elements of cultural performance.Especially comment “floating life if dream gusu City” popular science, let the audience listen to the story first, quickly understand the traditional culture of Suzhou.As a new name card of Suzhou’s cultural innovation, cultural tourism integration and cultural going out, kunqu Garden edition of “Six Floating Stories” integrates suzhou’s material and intangible cultural heritage with immersive high-end presentation, becoming a national model in three aspects of “night tour economy”, “cultural tourism integration” and “intangible cultural heritage innovation”.Floating life is like a dream. In the performance of “Six Stories of Floating Life”, I felt the poetry of Soviet style life and stepped into the prosperity of Gusu.”Four Seasons of the Canal” (Wuxi) “Four Seasons of the Canal” is an immersive live performance with the quintessence journey of the ancient Canal as the main performance scene, creating an extraordinary experience of walking like water and swimming in a painting.On canal houseboat, along the way, appreciate the profusion of the four seasons, suchou dialect in soft, golden autumn season, in a task, freight flow rhyme, the ancient city of spring scenery, and so on six songs and dances, great, dramas, sitcoms, and light show art scene, through the four seasons of seasonal and natural color changes, image display the beauty of the view of the grand canal, the beauty of humanity, all beauty.Nianhuawan Town in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, has stood out among night trips nationwide with its Zen cultural experience program “Zen Trip”, which has sparked a clock-in craze!While most of today’s night Tours are known for their lively activities, Zen Walk takes a different approach, taking the development of a characteristic town with Oriental Zen aesthetics as the breakthrough point, and elaborately creating a “journey of pure heart”.As core vigil products gently bay town, “chan” project after more than four years of operation and multiple iterations upgrade, especially new attractions smile after the square was put into operation in 2020, integrating ornamental, interaction, experience, cruise, appears in the unique way of drama performance of rolling out a cultural feast, make the visitors is not only the appreciator, and experience,It is also a participant who has jointly completed a Zen work, bringing a brand new 360-degree immersive scene experience to visitors.Eastern Salt Lake City, xiaoyao Fairy Town at the foot of Maoshan mountain, is a one-stop tourist holiday destination integrating theme hotel, cultural exhibition hall, interactive experience, characteristic performing arts and so on.This summer, the new upgrade of the real landscape show “Free and Easy Tour”, a strong online broken circle, won a lot of praise.”Happy Excursion” interprets the connotation of Chinese classic culture — “Happy Excursion” with the stories of five chapters.More equipped with the Olympic Opening ceremony of the same beat fou, scroll, staged a beautiful and magnificent audio-visual feast.At the end of the show, thousands of fireworks lit up the night sky in Fairy Town.(Grand Canal News hotline: 18611735190) source: Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Gusu network, Suzhou Bureau of Culture, Radio and Tourism,, China Lighting network, Changzhou Bureau of Culture, Radio and Tourism intern editor Yan Chen Yizheng, GUI Yan, Zhang Li, cao Yu, Xiao Dong, Hui Jun