Deposit only not delivery?Man’s fictitious unit was sentenced for signing contracts with others

2022-05-09 0 By

Cover news reporter Zhong Xiaolu intern Zhong Kunliang recently, Chengdu Chongzhou People’s Court concluded a contract fraud case, the defendant Jin xx committed the crime of contract fraud sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of eight months, fined 8,000 yuan, ordered to refund the economic loss of the victim 56,000 yuan.The defendant Jin has been engaged in automatic chicken equipment sales experience.From September to November 2019, he traveled to Sichuan and Shanxi provinces, falsely claiming to be the head of a machinery company in Weifang city and selling automated chicken raising equipment to poultry producers.In the qin so-and-so, Zhou Mou, Su so-and-so three people after the trust, jin so-and-so and three people respectively signed the “chicken coop, feces, automatic feeding machine order contract”, a total of 56,000 yuan deposit.After receiving the deposit, he did not organize the supply, Qin so-and-so three people have not received the goods, ask for a refund, but Jin so-and-so with a variety of reasons not to return the deposit.Finally, after he changed the contact way, let Qin so-and-so three people can not contact with it.Later, we also found that the so-called Weifang city a machinery company does not exist, there is no industrial and commercial registration information.Jin chung state court that the defendant so-and-so to for the purpose of illegal possession to sign a contract with others in a fictional unit, in charge of the other party to pay the deposit after hiding, diddle property 56000 yuan, the amount is larger, its behavior violates the contract by the other party’s property ownership and the market order, constitute a crime of fraud of the contract, then make the verdict.The judge said that normal economic contracts and transactions are protected by law.Illegal personnel heart is lucky, the attempt makes profit through the means that collects deposit to many people, do not retreat deposit with all sorts of excuse again after the event, already was simple contract dispute no longer, belong to the crime that has illegal possession of property of others intentionally, bring into the category that criminal strikes.The defendant in this case Jin xx more than once committed the crime, but the use of the network, for different places across the country different people fraud, thought to be able to escape from the law, do not want to now but in jail, finally sentenced to eight months, lost personal freedom.The real case warns everyone, the gentleman loves the money, takes the proper way, attempts to drill the loopholes of the law, delusional gain without hard work, will only lift a rock to drop his own foot eventually.