Does long-term hair coloring cause cancer?Doctor: Black hair dye is the most dangerous, and these three are advised to stay away from

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During the Spring Festival or holidays, people will not only buy clothes and wear new shoes, but also pay more attention to their image, and even make various shapes, so that they can have face in front of many relatives and friends, and even become more dominant.We Asians are known to have black hair, but in recent years, the rise of the beauty industry has changed people’s mindset, and now the act of dyeing hair is popular among many young people, as a way of fashion.In addition to the love of beauty, there are also some middle-aged and elderly people deeply troubled by white hair, will choose to use black or brown research and development, covering their white hair, so that they present a young state.Switching to a new hair color and style can make a huge difference, and it can also be enjoyable, but in the process, some people have raised questions about whether hair color, which is mostly chemical, can harm the human body if used regularly.Is there any cancer risk?Let’s take a look at one.Does regular hair coloring cause cancer?Some people think that hair dye only lasts for a period of time and is not permanent, so it is not too harmful to the human body.But it’s worth noting that whether it’s permanent or semi-permanent, the health and risk of hair dye doesn’t really matter how long it lasts, but the substance it contains.After investigation, it is known that our hair colorants do have many chemical components, among which phenylenediamine and paraminophenol are the most commonly used hair colorants. The effective ingredients can also make hair color more lasting, but there are more harmful substances, and regular use will damage hair follicles and harm health.02 Black Hair dye most dangerous?Among many hair dyes, black hair dyes stand out from the crowd. The harm of black hair dyes to human body can not be underestimated, and the content of harmful substances contained in them is higher.Compared with other hair lines, black hair colorants contain higher content of phenylenediamine and heavy metals, which can cause damage to human skin. Long-term use can easily lead to skin diseases and even induce cancer.For many middle-aged and elderly people, with the growth of age, the body will have some problems, not only the dark skin and long wrinkles, hair loss is also troubling many people.Under normal circumstances, hair loss is more serious people, as far as possible to use less hair dye, the harmful substances and chemicals can make the hair surface of the hair scales to open first, will damage the hair follicles and hair scales, leading to hair regeneration, so hair loss to reduce the use of people.As we mentioned above, hair colorants contain a wide variety of chemicals that are present in high levels in order to bind color to hair.In ordinary skin allergies or allergic to some special chemical elements should be used with caution, otherwise the chemical substances will cause itching, redness, and even ulceration.3, pregnant women in addition to the above two groups of people, pregnant women should also reduce hair color, to do as far as possible not to dye hair.We all know that the whole process of pregnant women during pregnancy is very difficult, at the same time the body immunity is low, vulnerable to bacteria and viruses, and the chemical content of hair dye is higher, there will be greater stimulation for vulnerable groups, whether it is for yesterday mother itself, or for the fetus, is extremely unsafe.Conclusion In summary, under normal circumstances to reduce the use of hair dye, if it is necessary to dye hair, you can extend the hair cycle, the best cycle is once every two years.