EDG official blog public apology!After losing to WBG, EDG is lost!Fans questioned: BP is too pretentious

2022-05-09 0 By

In the LPL spring game between EDG and WBG, WBG defeated EDG 2-0, handing EDG its first defeat of the new season.After the game, EDG’s official blog first issued an apology.EDG’s official blog post reads as follows: “WE are very sorry that we lost to WBG, but we found many problems in the team and the players’ condition was not stable. Finally, EDG promised fans that they would make good adjustments.In the comments section below EDG’s official blog, many fans thought BP’s problems were too big and too pretentious. the players were not in good condition, but BP did such a thing.And especially superstitious take EZ fan mother road duo, there is no means to open the group, really need to adjust.Some fans think the players are spending too much time on air these days and should be spending more time on training.And for WBG, the most eye-catching performance of this game must be the single theshy.In the post-game interview, host Xiran asked Theshy about the 1V4 run in the second round, Theshy said: “The other side was the underdog at that time, he also tried very hard to drag the other 5 people.Of course, this is only the first match lost after EDG world, in fact, it does not affect the overall ranking, but after the undefeated gold is broken, it is really need to study some new methods.Because of weakness would be other clan research, LPL was a lot of teams this season, if the EDG is not flexible, follow-up may lose more of the game, because the champion team in the title race is often the most easy to study, after before the LPL several champion team also had a similar experience, so I hope they really can adjust state,Find the flaws and improve on them.EDG fell to the fourth place after the defeat in this game. Although it only lost one game, LPL has too many strong teams this year, so its ranking is not particularly high for the time being, and it is on the edge of the top four.And there is ALSO V5 in the same score, I hope this ranking can also have a warning effect on them.Finally, commentator remember to analyze the reason for EDG’s failure in the 2nd route commentator. He thought EDG was still playing the same tactics in worlds, and the lineup effect of cards was really mediocre.So, what do you have to say about this?