Jing ‘an is more and more beautiful!Shanghai Exhibition Center, Butterfly Bay Park have new changes

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With true feelings, we should explore new ways, pay attention to high quality and firm responsibility.On the first working day of the New Year of the Tiger, jing ‘an District held the 2022 Public Support Project Event.District leaders Yu Yong, Wang Hua, Wang Yiqun, Mei Guangqing, Long Wanli, Jiang Jian, Li Zhen, Zhang Jun and other field research linfen Road street comprehensive service center for the elderly and immersive “home nursing home” model house, Daning Road street Ninghe community and Suzhou River through the Butterfly Bay garden node.Poly coke for jing ‘an district overall leading cadres at all levels “promoting development, security” big visit, promoting the development of large screen, secure | to continue effort to improve the daily life of white-collar workers, for the enterprise holds good bottom on February 8, district party committee secretary yu yong rate related WeiBanJu head to l ‘oreal (China) co., LTD. And guotai junan securities co., LTDCommunicate with the person in charge of the enterprise to understand the development of the enterprise and solve practical difficulties for the enterprise.Promoting development and maintaining security | for enterprises break through the bottleneck, broaden the “track”, promote enterprise development to achieve higher quality on February 9, district party committee secretary yu yong rate related WeiBanJu head to Shanghai port international consulting group co., LTD., with the enterprise, head of communication discussion, help enterprise to solve practical difficulties, promoting the development of enterprise to achieve higher quality.Minsheng city’s first “family nursing home” model between details exposure!Many new technologies make the elderly feel comfortable and their children feel at ease!When smart technology is integrated into home care, how will the life of the elderly “upgrade”?In Lane 391, Yangqu Road, Jing ‘an District, the city’s first model immersive “home nursing home” is built here.This neighborhood, jing an electric bicycle charging should be so convenient, comfortable, high-tech left as in the past was once the “fly line charging” this problem troubling old district, ning and cell after comprehensively strengthen comprehensive administration, let people get a sense of is not only a small area of the environment, and universal concern of all residents of the storage battery charging problem solving.The reporter learned that ning and residential area has completed 738 square meters of non-motor carport standardization safety transformation, built 5 intelligent charging garage, 24 outdoor small charging carport, can meet all the residents who have electric bicycle charging needs.High appearance level, but also more connotation!After the New Year, many citizens found that butterfly Bay Park, one of the important nodes for connecting the Su River in Jing ‘an, had a new change: the newly built Butterfly Bay Post station and the low wall between the children’s Library in Jing ‘an District had been broken through.City matter this also too!The United States!!!!!!Recently, the green landscape upgrading project of Shanghai Exhibition Center has been basically completed, and many of the upgraded gardens are open to the public for free with a new look.Sell 200 bowls in 1 day!Choose from 7 flavors of noodles!And authentic Cantonese food!Please come to this white-collar restaurant in Jing ‘an. I believe the school is approaching, and there is a long line in front of the ophthalmic clinic.The eye doctor suggested → free breakfast buffet for 12 yuan!Lunch 30+ dishes!Smart chip checkout!Where is a white-collar restaurant like this?▶ High appearance level, but also more connotation!The park along the Su River has taken on a new look to share more public space