Party committee secretary unannounced visit, discover loophole at the scene: “never allow any negligence!”

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Recently, the epidemic prevention and control work has drawn much attention.The latest figures show that on March 23, 2,054 new confirmed cases and 2,829 asymptomatic infections were reported nationwide.Of the newly confirmed cases, 2,010 were local, coming from Jilin, Fujian, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangxi, Heilongjiang, Henan, Liaoning, Hebei, Guangdong, Hunan, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Gansu, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Yunnan and Shaanxi.The number of confirmed cases in Fujian province has been increasing.In the latest week, the number of local confirmed cases in Fujian province increased as follows:On March 18, 199 local cases were reported in Fujian, including 191 in Quanzhou, 3 in Xiamen, 3 in Zhangzhou and 2 in Putian.On March 20, 154 new cases were reported in Fujian, including 129 in Quanzhou, 20 in Putian, 3 in Zhangzhou and 2 in Xiamen. On March 21, 110 new cases were reported in Fujian.Among 89 cases, 16 cases of the city, xiamen, quanzhou city in 2 cases, 2 cases of zhangzhou, on March 22, 1 case of fuzhou city, fujian province new indigenous cases 110 cases, 6 cases with 100 cases quanzhou, putian, zhangzhou, March 23, 4 cases, fujian new indigenous cases 69 cases, 65 cases of quanzhou, putian, zhangzhou, 1 case of zheng jun notice,In the face of the grim situation of epidemic prevention and control, several party secretaries of Fujian province recently visited the epidemic prevention and control work unannounced.Fu Chaoyang, party secretary of Putian, went to Chengxiang district and Xianyou County to supervise the prevention and control of the epidemic without warning, putian News Broadcast reported.Local media also showed footage of his unannounced visits.Centralized quarantine observation points are key areas for epidemic prevention and control.Fu Chaoyang made an unannounced inspection of the Sunshine Holiday Hotel in chengxiang district.”How was the cordon set up?Are there strict checks on vehicles entering and leaving?”The report mentioned that in view of the loopholes existing in the field management, Fu Chaoyang was responsible for the establishment and implementation of the reform on the spot.”Epidemic prevention and control is a real war,” he said. “No negligence is allowed!”Fu chaoyang stressed, to the strictest standards to implement the system norms in place, resolutely prevent cross infection.In addition to centralized quarantine observation points, he also went to the bayonet in Shangkun Community, Shangkun Community, and Xiwei Community of Bangtou Town in Xianyou County. He inspected the nucleic acid tests of people on the spot and asked them “how long did they wait in line?””Which nucleic acid?”And so on.Fu zhaoyang said that the inspection without warning “helps us to further understand the normal prevention and control situation at the grassroots level, and to do a good job of prevention and control work quickly and strictly.”Fu chaoyang is not the only one who spies.On March 21, Zhang Guowang, secretary of zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee, inspected the epidemic prevention and control work without greeting.During the inspection, Zhang guowang stressed, “Further strengthen the defense line of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely win the battle of containment and annihilation.”In addition, On March 13, Yu Hongsheng, secretary of the Sanming Municipal Party Committee, visited the urban area to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work.In the process of unannounced visit, Yu Hongsheng also found loopholes.According to local media reports, Yu hongsheng inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in Sanming No. 1 Hospital, Sanming No. 2 Middle School and Qilin Mountain quarantine point in Sanyan District, pointed out problems and loopholes on the spot and asked responsible units to rectify them immediately to make sure nothing goes wrong.Found that many problems need to be explained is that, in recent time, there are other party secretaries to go out.On the evening of March 15, Yin Zhaoju, secretary of qingyuan Municipal Party Committee of Guangdong Province, led a team to inspect the city’s epidemic prevention and control work.Local media said Yin zhaoju and others visited the provincial vocational education town, qingxin District Detention Center, Qingxin Flower Hotel and a bar in Qingxin District to check the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work.At Guangdong University of Finance, Yin zhaoju inquired about the situation in detail. “How many students come in and out every day?””How can teachers from other places ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control?””Is there any supervision over the health of logistics, sanitation and delivery personnel?”At the Qingxin District detention center, Yin checked the information registration of people entering and leaving, and listened to the report on epidemic prevention and control measures by the staff on duty.He said inspections of special places and key links should be stepped up, and problems such as unauthorized departure from post and inadequate epidemic prevention and control measures should be strictly investigated.Also, on March 22, Cao Huiquan, party Secretary of Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, visited Lusong district, Hetang District, Shifeng District, Tianyuan District and Zhuzhou Economic development zone to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work.Group in LuSong market, south Cao Huiquan examined small commodity market, normal ring chau city disease prevention and control measures to carry out the situation, found that both market problems part of staff, customer did not wear a face mask, south of small commodity market there is not place check code, practitioners, nucleic acid regularly check the measures in place.In view of the problems found, Cao Huiquan to lusong district responsible person on the spot.He said lusong Market is one of the most challenging places for epidemic prevention and control due to its large population flow and complex situation.Only with epidemic prevention and control can we ensure the safe operation of markets, businesses and livelihoods of tens of thousands of workers. We must be highly responsible to the people, guard the gate with all our strength, strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, and resolutely ensure safety.In Hetang District, Cao huiquan inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures at the district government service center, and found that measures such as scanning codes, temperature measurement and wearing masks were in place.He urged the government not to be complacent and resolutely focus on epidemic prevention and control.Zhuzhou province official website published minnan Daily Sanming Daily sources: Beijing Youth Daily