Security company management, property management, industry director, how difficult is it to be a security?

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Text: Yinghe east flow ———————— security, belongs to the management of security companies, this is a matter of god, but, now is completely not this thing.Now a security, not only by the security company management, but also by the property management and industry director, and the real decision is often in the hands of the property.Inappropriate security, property said to change;Property want what kind of security, security company must arrange what kind of security;Property management says to kick out a security guard, the security company has to do it.Who can think of, once very cattle security company, now also turn to the property company humble time.A few days ago, I communicated with several security guards, they all said that it is more and more difficult to do security now.Lao Wang said, as long as the owners complain about security, security will be punished, once, because Lao Wang opened the door late for a while, the owners will complain about security guards playing mobile phones not to open the door, the results of the property notice security company fined Lao Wang 200 dollars.Old Liu said, the property every day check, see the security guard on duty, a property to the gate inspection, I did not stand up to meet the results of the property security company to change me.Old Sun said, once he was sent by the security company to a residential gate, the result of the property to see him not pleasing to the eye, the security company can only send another security.Listen to these security guards said, now a security guard to three tube, which dare not offend, offend will have to be punished or fired, it is too difficult.Be like these security guard to say really so, for this, the author also made specific investigation understanding.In the past, employers generally sign employment contracts with security companies, and security companies send security guards to serve employers.Specific send what security, security company generally say, unit of choose and employ persons is not much, as long as the contract is executed.Now is not the case, employers will generally guard, health, green, water and electricity contract to the property company, the property company is specifically responsible for, and the property company will guard security contract to the security company.In this way, the property has the right to choose their own recognized security company, and the security company wants to attract business has to seek the property company, the security company has become a third party, the power has declined greatly.To put it bluntly, the current security company has to see the face of the property company.Therefore, now a security guard to be employers, property and security companies three management, security want to be safe, which can not be offended.Those who offend the employing unit shall be fined or dismissed as long as they are complained against;Offend the property is more serious, usually don’t say offended, the property see you can drive you away;Offend the security company, there is no good fruit to eat, you say it is difficult to do a security now?Some old security guards said that they used to be managed by security companies, and how much is better in a tube. Now the housekeeper is more, and if you don’t pay attention to it, you can’t guard against it. I don’t know which day will be punished or opened.It is understood that now the security to the employing unit, generally agreed by the property, the property does not nod security can not be on the post, the security company will have to listen to the property.Because the property is in charge of the security company’s power, do not listen to him will change you.Property and security company, of course, when signing a contract, have property in charge, the cost to property and how much the specific unit of choose and employ persons, security firms also don’t know, if the property cost of river closure, it is related to the security problem of high and low wages, costs through property and security company commission, in the hands of security can have?Property to make money, security companies to make money, where the money comes from, are from the cost of the employing unit, layers of skin to the security body is very few.Of course, a few supervision and management can be conducive to the development of work, better security work, but there are advantages and disadvantages, who can ensure that they can be fair and just to manage, can also cause this or that problem, in short, the last is a blessing or a curse can only have security to carry.