Vivo “butterfly” official announcement, folding screen is coming

2022-05-09 0 By

Vivo’s first foldable screen, see you Monday?Vivo X Fold will be unveiled as the 10th anniversary of the X series.Vivo’s flagship foldable phone, the Vivo X Fold, will be officially announced next Monday.This comes after a number of Revelations about the Vivo X Fold phone, particularly its expensive hinges and virtually negligible screen creases.A good foldable screen has three core points: 1 hinge, 2 screen ratio, 3 software adaptation, these three points are the basic core of building a good foldable screen.Expect performance.The image segment is equipped with the same quad-camera configuration as Huawei, and will likely continue to work with Zeiss to improve the overall imaging quality in the foldable phone sector.The butterfly is the internal code name for Vivo X Fold.As a late adopter to a foldable phone, Vivo X Fold had to work hard to stand out.In terms of hinges, Vivo X Fold folding screen mobile phone hinges, for Apple supply chain manufacturer Hangzhou Amfeno Feifeng communications, because of the addition of multiple aerospace materials, the hinge cost of over 1200 yuan, is currently the most folding screen hinge cost on the market.It has a very good performance in folding life and screen crease, coupled with flexible screen, UTG glass cover and other mature supply chain, which is worth looking forward to.In other hardware, The Vivo X Fold will also be equipped with 3D ultrasonic dual-screen fingerprint technology, the first foldable phone with dual-screen 3D ultrasound technology to ensure accurate unlocking even when the finger is wet.Source: ZAKER