Work resumed in Qiaomeng Garden in Hefei, Anhui province

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Hefei, China News Service, February 13Assembled and produced, tested, rushed to order, packed and sent…After the Spring Festival holiday, the reporter walked into the Dream garden of Overseas Chinese in Anhui (Hefei), where the overseas Chinese enterprises are welcoming the climax of post-holiday resumption of work.According to biological technology research institute co., LTD. Chen hui, general manager of hefei days, the company is committed to high quality research and development of in vitro diagnostic reagents, production and sales as one of national high-tech enterprise, is also the only company in anhui province to achieve Ⅲ class medical equipment national registered approval of blood type in vitro diagnostic reagents manufacturing enterprises.”Qiaomengyuan has formulated a series of policies to support overseas Chinese, support overseas Chinese and overseas high-level talents to return to China to start their own businesses, and solve various difficulties in the initial stage of entrepreneurship.”Tang said that in recent years, Hefei has adopted pragmatic and innovative reform measures to speed up its integration into the Yangtze River Delta, build a great channel, build a great platform and create an environment of excellence, and continuously improve the level of open economic development.In addition, Hefei attaches great importance to the development of biomedical industry, which provides a good guarantee for the development of enterprises.Zhang Xifeng, chairman of Anhui Pure Source Coating Technology Co., LTD., is a native of Bozhou, Anhui Province. She had studied and worked in Singapore for 10 years before, and has rich experience in high-end equipment manufacturing and new material research and development.At the end of 2014, Zhang Xinfeng came to Hefei from Singapore to start her own business. After seven years of struggle, the company has begun to take shape. Its core technology — pure ion plating technology has filled the technological gap in China and realized import substitution.According to Zhang, Hefei’s development potential is beyond doubt: it has strong policy support for entrepreneurship, outstanding talent advantages and a good business environment.”What’s more, relying on the industrial gathering platform of Hefei Overseas Chinese Dream Garden, overseas Chinese businessmen like us can give full play to their respective advantages and exchange and share resources.”Zhang Xinfeng told reporters that the company is in a period of rapid development, the demand for talent has been very urgent, especially as a technology innovative company, the professional talent is thirsty for talent.On the one hand, the company in the major recruitment website widely spread “hero post”, heavy money “recruitment”;On the other hand, the establishment of internal training mechanism for employees to provide the fastest growth and promotion channels for employees.At the same time, Hefei gives full play to its advantages as a “science and education base” and actively carries out cooperation in personnel training and exchanges with universities and research institutes.In the workshop of Youfang (Hefei) Medical Technology Co., LTD., an overseas Chinese enterprise, workers are busy on the production line to meet the demand of local markets.”As a new high-tech company in medical CT imaging technology, we are very optimistic about the market prospects of the industry.This year, we will develop breast CT and mobile CT based on the existing oral CT.Li Tian, deputy general manager of Youfang (Hefei) Medical Technology Co., LTD., said the company hopes to achieve 100 million yuan in revenue this year.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: