“Xiangbobo” Hajiao Park another pure new dish debut!Total house payment 1.4 million!

2022-05-09 0 By

Recently, haijiao Park will have a new dish appearance, case named Longhu Yueyue.This is the land that Longhu won in the second batch of dual-concentration land transfer last September, with a floor price of 7,421 yuan per square meter.It is located on the east side of tianpu Road of Longhu Lake, and close to the mausoleum.Sales officer introduction, Longhu all6-9 floors to the top.The first opening model includes 79 square meters, 89 square meters, 106 square meters, and the total house payment is expected to be 1.4-2 million yuan. Cards can be arranged at present.From longhu has released the door type area segment, or just need door type based tone.In Haijiao Park, the lower the total price, the more market there is.Since longhu day pu neighbor, it is inevitable to do a comparison.At first glance, two door model almost “hair is the same”.The three adjustments are all concentrated in the south direction: 1. The floating platform of the master bedroom has become larger;2. Remove the balcony wall stacks;3. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is also adjusted in detail.Two-bedroom apartment has no new idea. Let’s take a look at three-bedroom apartment.Longhu has 89 square meters of three bedrooms with three rooms facing south of the design, and the previous homogenous long and narrow three-bedroom draw a clear line.Compared with the previous work, there is more than one bedroom that can obtain daylighting, and the depth is shorter, the sunlight can be more “in-depth communication” with the whole interior space, and the daylighting area is significantly increased.On the overall layout of the house, pour with four seasons Chunxiao 88 square meters small sanju very similar.Compared with the door of four seasons chunxiao, the biggest difference depends on toilet made dry wet separation, more practical.Longhu 106 square meters three-bedroom map is the last 106 square meters three-bedroom, the overall point of view of the rules.Compare with 89 square meters small 3 house, besides scale greatens, bedroom door is opposite, connect sex, illicit close sex enhancement.Master bedroom also has more independent toilet, the owner uses more convenient.In addition, the position of the washing machine is placed in the dry area that the guest defends, functional function is more concentrated.In the meantime, liberated the space of the balcony, the field of vision is better.At the present stage, the property of the school district of Haijiao Park is more prominent, and the houses with small area and low total price sell particularly well.Last year, sunac Yunchao 76-square-meter apartments sold out soon after opening, which is a good example.Longhu, with 1.4 million units of 79 square meters, just matched the 76 square meters small second house of Sunac Yunchao Palace.The two apartment types have their own strengths, longhu window frame longer than 20 cm wide master bedroom surface, the lighting surface is larger;While Sunac Yunchao House has done dry and wet separation.However, comparing the distance between the two buildings and metro Line 6 and Huinan Road station, Yunchaofu sunac is 6 or 700 meters longer than Longhu, which means more than 5 minutes’ walking time.Haijiao Park south piece after last year to go, the market has changed a lot.Sunshine city future yue only 110 square meters, into the liquidation stage.Four seasons Chunxiao only 5 buildings have not opened, 88 square meters of small three-house inventory only single digits.1#, 2# main 78 square meters of the second house, 5#, 8# main 115 square meters of the third house, 6# is 100 square meters of the third house.Longhu has no yue 89 square meters, 106 square meters, two three-bedroom apartment just fill the gap of the south section of the sea education park area.