Zhao Liying new play modelling completely sealed god, coat + beret to show full Hong Kong wind, sweet smile to fry

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Zhao Liying has rarely appeared in the public eye since filming the new TV series. It can also be seen that zhao Liying is also ambitious after divorce.But according to the latest Reuters news, the show is full of expectations, in the shape of the show is just a flash in the eye.Zhao Liying new play modeling wear guide fashion keywords: retro wind;Bright color;Fashion items;Lumbar line window of 01 modelling one: wind restoring ancient ways makes a fashionable nifty fan to be in after seeing Reuters, have to say Zhao Liying this body modelling is really too absolutely, combine wind restoring ancient ways to deduce the era that gives fashionable tide, make integral look advanced do not break aesthetic feeling again instead.Combined with the Hong Kong style of the 1980s and 1990s to form a retro and fashion flavor, will make the modeling simple but set off a famous yuan fan.Zhao Liying this body modelling is in colour or design to wait no matter collocation above, can give modelling simple breath restoring ancient ways, such already can reveal a fairy fan, still can make a nastiness modern breath, use simple design is to deduce elegant and intellectual fan as before.02 modelling highlights 2: bright eye color collocation just right color for a lot of little sisters, are more difficult to choose on behalf of, especially for bright eye series, a little attention may lead to modelling overturned.Especially for red, green, these two colors are relatively high requirements for skin color, but Zhao Liying this body modeling is handled very well, choose green collocation can add fresh and sweet fan, but also very good outline of fair skin.Especially in the choice of color area above, the use of large area green outline, make the modeling simple and atmospheric, combined with small red fashion items, is to shape a clever and sweet image for the modeling, both are bright color, add color and bright sense, give more Hong Kong wind beauty.Although The style of Zhao Liying’s coat is relatively simple, the combination of shoulder pads and profile elements can not only outline the right shoulder and superior figure, but also make use of simple style to create a high-level sense and beauty.When choosing coat is commonly need to be mixed in combination with the following problems: (1) using the outline of profile and contour, create a better effect of shoulder pads (2) combined with contracted style, create a clean fan, foil gives better temperament and aura (3) combined with elements of cultivate one’s morality is tie-in, make modelling model a simple air fan, the outline of figure 4 modelling highlights four:Use waist line build born period because li-ying zhao presented this body modelling is straight type of coat, it can use the advantage of straight style to have the covering meat show thin effect, but is too loose for type a chubby little sisters, may be a heavy look fleeciness, so at the time of collocation, we can use the outline of waist line belt,Can make a small pretty waist to still can make a clean and agile fan, set off a city beauty gas field.In fact, in addition to the stunning appearance of everyone, at the beginning of the shooting, it was also very Hong Kong style retro style is still very eye-catching.Choose basic colour and the color that bright eye colour forms to clash color department style, foil gives fashionable fashionable breath in the same way.05 Modeling highlights five:Base colour + bright eye colour bump color contrast new Reuters to use bright eye colour to build a high degree of saturation and Ming yan, based the formation of colour and bright eye colour before collision color style, is can have the effect of the mutual set off, also can make a fashionable fashionable breath, the two different color outline of each other, create a dark light series, build an elegant and intellectual van.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!