21 shots in the game just won’t go in?Barcelona draw in uefa Cup play-off!I cried after the game

2022-05-10 0 By

Barcelona’s 1-1 draw with Napoli on a penalty kick in the first leg of their Europa League play-off early on February 18 was embarrassing.Traore, Aubameyang, Ferran Torres all appeared in the game, it is a pity that the game did not break the net, it can be said that every 4-5 minutes on a shot attack is not much, but the result is really disappointing, and the first goal, 29 minutes the gate was lost.Barca then had to attack heavily and it was not until the 59th minute of the second half that Ferran Torres converted a penalty after Juan Jesus handball in the box to make it 1-1.But ferran Torres wasted a number of chances and Xavi was disappointed with the result, claiming that if it were fair Barca would have scored more than two goals.Ferran Torres wasted at least four of those who watched the game, so he even cried afterwards.That’s okay, or this guy wouldn’t have given it to you, would he?But as coach Xavi has been forced to speak out for Torres, xavi said suarez when he arrived barca, not from the start, because barca shirt is heavier.