Change!CAI Bin of the women’s volleyball team refused to embrace the “Lang Ping philosophy” and these players were no longer favored

2022-05-10 0 By

Change!This is a new ShuaiCaiBin coaching philosophy, Chinese women’s volleyball team compared to the second “palace” has also is very clear, if still “slavish”, must have been difficult to through the national fan “appraisal”, Chinese society platoon have released two documents have shown that has refused to accept the concept of “lang”, part of the “lang ping era” players will no longer be favor!After lang Ping took the helm of the National Women’s Volleyball Team for the second time, she did win a lot of honors: one Gold medal in the Olympic Games, two gold MEDALS in the World Cup and so on. However, lang Ping’s idea of “high-ification” brought a lot of “criticism” to the National Women’s Volleyball Team.This time CAI Bin is intended to break the previous Chinese women’s volleyball “bad habits”!Wu Han, Yang Wenjin, Li Yao, Hu Mingyuan, Zheng Yixin and other short players are in CAI Bin’s “law eye”, which is hard to imagine in the “Lang Ping era”, “love” so many “short” women’s volleyball players!CAI Bin this time pursuit of “high, low” collocation strategy is to try to use more offensive tactics in the field, no longer blindly pursue “high high fight”!Before, lang Ping focused on training Shen Jingsi because of her “height”. Now, meng Dou and Sun Yan, the tall second passers lang Ping trained, have failed to enter the talent pool of The Chinese women’s volleyball team. It seems that they only have the advantage of height, while the second passers lack of “flexibility” in passing, it is difficult for them to establish themselves in the women’s volleyball team!Different from Lang Ping, CAI Bin did not “call the roll”. Instead, he asked the enrolled women volleyball players to sign up for the training by themselves. The unenrolled women volleyball players who “feel good about themselves” could also sign up for the training as long as they passed the test.It seems that CAI Bin is no longer a “one-way choice”, but a “two-way choice” between coaches and players!Some online fans are worried: what if all the women’s volleyball players don’t sign up?What is CAI Bin’s teaching philosophy of “two-way choice” and “changeable playing style”?They will compete in the Asian Games and World Championships in August and September.