Experience the magic of the Winter Olympics at the China Film Museum

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Qinghai Daily Media Beijing February 8 visit exhibitions, enjoy performances, watch movies…On the afternoon of February 7, the Beijing 2022 Press Center hosted the “Double Olympic City new Atmosphere — 2022 Beijing Visit by Chinese and Foreign media” city image interview activity entered the China Film Museum in Chaoyang district, Beijing.Chinese and foreign journalists from 31 domestic and foreign media visited the exhibition of the Winter Olympics theme, enjoyed the cultural performances of Beijing taste, watched the movie “Champion” together, and felt the charm of the Winter Olympics in the atmosphere of the integration of film art and sports culture.Thematic exhibitions.Qinghai Daily rong media reporter Wang Yupeng Li Xin photo of citizens watching Beijing cultural performance.Walking into the China Film Museum, one film shooting notes, a set of film projectors, let people instantly into the world of light and shadow.The locations of the previous Winter Olympics are marked on a large map and posters from each Winter Games are displayed in the “Dream of the Ice And Snow Olympics” film and sports-themed exhibition.Among them, the most eye-catching exhibition is an exhibition of outstanding sports film posters created in China and even around the world since 1934.Centering on the two themes of The Winter Olympics and movies, the exhibition sets up two chapters: “Ice and Snow Five Rings Focusing on the Winter Olympics” and “Light and Shadow Splendor building dreams together”, comprehensively displaying the sports culture of the Winter Olympics and promoting the sports spirit of China.People enjoy the charm of the Winter Olympics in the China Film Museum, one of the cultural squares for the Winter Olympics, on Feb. 7.As one of the cultural squares of the Winter Olympics, the China Film Museum will launch a number of activities during the Winter Olympics, including theme exhibitions, film exhibitions, cultural performances and live events.The performers of “Promotion of Quintessence of Chinese Art Heritage” prepared a variety of artistic programs for the audience, which perfectly integrated quintessence of Chinese art and modern dance, showing the charm and inheritance of Chinese culture and bringing a wonderful audio-visual feast.The performance began with the dance “China in The Lights”, and the actors showed the beautiful life of the Chinese people with beautiful dance.Single-string song “Welcome the Winter Olympics Beijingers” tells the happy life of old Beijingers to welcome the Winter Olympics;Dance “Flying in the beautiful grassland” for the audience presented a magnificent beautiful, comfortable between the world grassland scene;The Peking Opera dance ice And Snow Is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese Opera music and symphony, conveying to the world the warmth and friendship of the Chinese people, the beautiful magnificent rivers and mountains, and the long and splendid Chinese culture…Citizens watch the movie “Win the Championship”.In addition, the China Film Museum also launched the “Ice and Snow Winter Olympics Screen Dream” sports film exhibition, showing 33 sports-themed films to the public for free.Visitors can check the movie news and make an appointment through the museum’s official wechat account.There will be a “ringscreen film micro class” to display and popularize knowledge of the Winter Olympics through ringscreen films.The audience can also learn about the events of the Beijing Winter Olympics on the touch screen inquiry machine, and participate in the knowledge of the Winter Olympics. They can also participate in the “VR ice and snow Experience” project, and personally feel the tension and excitement of downhill skiing.On the day of the event, Chinese and foreign journalists watched an 8K version of The 2020 Chinese sports film “Win the Championship” directed by Peter Chan.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com