Gao Gan wen recommended: “Waiting for you in the morning wind” investors VS high school math teachers, reality to sweet wen

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Hello everyone!The boundless huge crowd we meet, small make up is a senior novel amateur, has ten years of age oh, also want to share with you a beautiful novel ~ indefinite will update all kinds of ancient words every day, abuse, pets, books, military and other different types of fiction, from your appearance especially, America laguna handsome, little brother little sister if like to try some praise and attention oh!”Waiting for you in the morning wind” investors VS high school math teacher, reality to sweet text # book shortage # 1: “With you forever style” introduction: how many days as a horse, after the production was abandoned.Even if I am steamed stuffed bun, also won’t let you trounce flat rub round!Wonderful content: An yi really said: “you also found small ink was taken to the top?””What?”Ai xiang Ying’s heart quivered and asked, “Did you see Mo?””I looked at the cell block guard’s video, and about two hours ago, he was inmate id 19144, and probably had one of those self-revealing security locks that restricted his behavior.Find out about him if you can.”Ann also really did not expect Ai Xiangying unexpectedly also failed to contact small ink, is the top really so mysterious, even the high-tech means over there underground scientific research area can not penetrate the past?Ai xiangying covered up her anxiety and confusion and returned to her captain’s calm attitude, saying, “I can’t see the situation on the top floor, so I asked you to look for clues there.My scope of movement is restricted.”(Click below to read for free) The second book: “Just like the cold light in the sun” introduction: “this guy, taste is multiple, this is down to mouth?”When she woke up, she looked at herself in the mirror, with her afo and bloody tattoos and a face that looked like a ghost.Before the rebirth, she had another love, one mind to escape, and he hated his guts after having relations.After the rebirth, she took aim at the beauty on the bed, serious thinking, this after the shadow left, it seems that he should be?On one’s mind was door clip is putting beautiful husband not to want, be cheated the man that dalliance with female affection mean female place is harmed, be most trusted boudoir close brainwash, fell the end of a traitor.Exciting content: Ye Wan wan finally stopped stimulating someone and began to sleep on the desk. She had consumed so much before that she had not fully recovered her sleep.After everyone had adjusted their seats, Liang lihua continued, “The exam is over, and there is one more important thing to do.I believe we all know that in order to meet the inspection of school leaders, the school organized a theatrical performance, requiring each class to give a program.Last class meeting, we have determined that our class program is the stage play “Snow White”, the prince of the people selected si Xia, but, the female Snow White has not yet decided.”Listen to Liang Lihua mentioned the art performance of the thing, suddenly everyone’s eyes are bright, especially the girls in the class.The girls in the class were fighting a lot about the performance.She has not decided the reason is before a few girls tear too badly.(Click below to read for free) The third book: “Waiting for you in the Morning wind” Introduction: Gao Ganwen recommended: “Waiting for you in the Morning wind” investors VS high school math teacher, reality to sweet text.Would you say yes to being pursued by an attractive acquaintance?Li Yang Chen began to think that they can be motionless, but Mo Yiyan’s routine is too deep, his initiative to make her every day become heartbeat……Wonderful content: the telephone rang only 1 was picked up by the person, the male voice in the incoming ear is extremely magnetic, do not know whether to pass through the radio wave of reason, that voice seems to appear more sexy, there say: “huh?Why didn’t you answer your phone?””I just got out of the shower,” Li said reflexively.After saying this, she immediately realized that such a private matter as “taking a bath” is not suitable for a man to talk about, let alone this man has plans for herself. She quickly changed the subject and asked: “What are you doing?”Mobile phone this mo Yiyan after hearing her say to take a bath, mou light sink sink, sexy Adam’s apple sliding up and down, after a pause, just way: “Wang Feng is looking for you?””Oh?”Li Yang Chen did not expect him to ask this.Seeing that she did not respond, Mo Yiyan said, “It is the man who brought you back on Friday night.”(Click below to read it for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. I’m looking forward to your comments and likes!The encouragement of small brothers and sisters to small make up is the biggest power oh!