General selected transfer students to enter oneself for an examination

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First of all, dedication and sense of responsibility, volunteer grass-roots work, hard work.And in the national plan of ordinary senior high school unified enrollment, must be a full-time university undergraduate or higher degree of fresh graduates, requirements are party members, student cadres, fresh graduates, three conditions are indispensable.Excellent academic performance, solid basic knowledge, can graduate on time and obtain the corresponding degree certificate.The undergraduates must be the winners of “merit Student”, “Outstanding Student Leader” or “Outstanding Student Scholarship” at the university level or above, and be physically and mentally healthy and able to adapt to the needs of basic work.The provincial Party committee organization departments are the teams that select graduates and above graduates with excellent character and learning from colleges and universities in a planned way to work at the grassroots level, and train them as candidates for party and government leading cadres and high-quality staff of party and government organs at or above the county level.2 years training at the grass-roots level: After the candidates are employed by the directly subordinate units of the counties (cities, districts) under the direct jurisdiction of the city, the organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee will arrange training at the grass-roots level (villages) for 2 years.Probation period: the probation period of new recruits is one year.Those who are qualified or fail in the examination shall be disqualified for employment.Management: During the period of transfer to the village, fulfill the relevant responsibilities of college student village official, and manage according to the college student village official.As a whole, the selection is faster than ordinary civil servants, grade is high, but the restriction of the entry conditions is correspondingly higher than civil servants.The targeted selection students are mainly for outstanding graduates of some key universities, including student cadres, CPC members, and outstanding graduates with university-level honors and outstanding academic performance.2, the scope of different selection is limited, only part of the selection of universities, more than 985,211 universities, more than the requirements of professional background.3, different ways of examination should be used in the form of registration other than the job examination, generally in the written test and interview unified allocation, after the selection of students to sign the contract, after the employment period, expiration assessment, transfer to determine the post.More flexible than ordinary students, at the same time more training opportunities, conditions are superior.4, the treatment of different directional selection students will generally be focused on tracking the training, there may be more priority promotion, improve the rank of the opportunity.Targeted positions are usually provincial or municipal government posts.Most of the general selection needs to go to the grassroots post below the prefectural level first, and then to a higher level of organs.On economic treatment, major province can give economic allowance or settle expenses, the various preferential policies that transfer unripe can enjoy to introduce talented person at the same time.5. In terms of career development, different selected and transferred students should first go through one to two years of employment term (or probation). After the expiration of the term, assessment will be carried out, and the assessment results will determine the future stay or leave.After the assessment is passed, the transfer of posts, the provincial doctor with good policy is arranged by the deputy office, the master is arranged by the department, the salary treatment is carried out by the position, and in principle, the corresponding backup cadres are included in the management.Ordinary students do not have such arrangements.