Hong Kong’s literary and art circles sang “Under the Lion” to pay tribute to the medical staff

2022-05-10 0 By

China News Service, Hong Kong, February 20 (Han Xingtong) The fifth wave of COVID-19 is raging in Hong Kong. With the care and support of the central government, the Hong Kong SAR government and all sectors of Hong Kong are working together to fight the disease.In recent days, members of the Hong Kong arts and culture community have come out to play their part in the fight against COVID-19, including donating novel Coronavirus rapid test kits and re-writing lyrics to pay tribute to the medical staff by singing Under the Lion.Recently, Hong Kong health information online platform “Health · Dan” held a “seven-hour Q&During the live broadcast, singer Sau-man Cheng called the host and said that while watching the show, she hoped to contribute to the support of the whole city by donating 5,000 Novel Coronavirus rapid test sets.Earlier, singer Sam Hui and Aaron Kwok have also donated Novel Coronavirus rapid test kits through the platform to help the disadvantaged.Louis Koo, the actor, has donated 3,000 Novel Coronavirus rapid test sets to charitable organizations in need through his Louis Koo Charitable Foundation. Enquiries and applications are now being accepted.Lam Tien-hang, chairman of the Hong Kong Artists Association and a famous painter, urged members to stay at home to fight the disease.”With the strong backing of the motherland and an endless stream of experts and medical staff coming to the rescue every day, I believe that the sunshine of spring will soon come,” he said in the letter.TVB collection of wang Ming quan, wu fung, hacken lee, tonight, Miriam yeung, lam, etc. About 70 singer song, recording artists involved in resistance to disease “concentric disease resistance under lion rock”, the song “lion mountain”, adapted from the classic songs to fill in the lyrics, hail to the medical staff in Hong Kong, appreciates against epidemic, service citizens selfless spirit,And cheering them on for working day and night to care for patients.”We work together under Sierra Leone to win, this epidemic war.””They sang.(after)