It has the strongest performance at the same price, and is equipped with snapdragon 888Plus processor. 8GB+256GB is just over 2,000

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Many users buy a mobile phone is very pay attention to performance, especially the android mobile phone, for a long time, since the android mobile phone for the user’s impression is soon appear caton phenomenon, but after years of development, the current machine even one thousand yuan, can also be fluent in two years, and carry Xiao dragon 8 series processor phones, performance is strong, big games run without pressure,Daily is can be used for about three years, today to recommend a same price performance is the strongest, and 256GB only two thousand.This mobile phone comes from the Edge S30 released by MOTOROLA. MOTOROLA is a famous brand in the era of feature phones and was once quite popular in the Chinese market. Although it has been reduced to a minority brand long ago, with the arrival of 5G mobile phone era, led by lenovo, the main brand, it is also constantly exploding.At present, it is through the dead knock cost performance to attract consumers.Over the past year, MOTOROLA has released 5G phones that are really good value for money, so let’s take a look at the MOTOROLA Edge S30.MOTOROLA Edge S30 starts at 1799 yuan, but the 6+128GB model is currently out of stock, while 8+128GB is 1999 yuan, 8+256GB is 2169 yuan, and the top 12+256GB model is 2369 yuan.It’s not the Snapdragon 870 or snapdragon 888, it’s the Snapdragon 888Plus, which is currently the second most powerful Chip in Qualcomm processors, with a running point of more than 850,000, just behind the Snapdragon 8Gen1.The snapdragon 888Plus, released in the second half of last year, starts at nearly 5,000 yuan, such as Mi MIX4 and iQOO 8Pro, while the Glory Magic3 Premium edition price is more than 7,000 yuan.The MOTOROLA Edge S30 also doesn’t compromise on memory and flash memory, with LPDDR5 and UFS3.1.In addition, there is a good performance in battery life, built-in a 5000mAH battery, the official said: can play 8.8 hours of peace elite, or 23.1 hours of continuous navigation.Everyday words are no problem to use all day.In terms of image, MOTOROLA Edge S30 is also doing well. It adopts 100 million pixel rear three-camera. The main camera is Samsung HM2 with honor 60Pro and Vivo S12 Pro, while the price of these two models is at 3000 levels.Support nine in one 2.1μm large pixel, in the night scene imaging advantage is very obvious.The screen can be said to be a selling point, but also can be said to be a disadvantage, this machine is currently snapdragon 888 or 888+ phone, the only phone using LCD screen material, other friends of the phone are using the mainstream OLED screen.LCD screen, of course, also have their own advantages, while the display effect, power than OLED screen, but the LCD screen in the eye the advantage obviously, and OLED due to produce stroboscopic problem, many users called blind screen, so there are many users not LCD don’t choose, the one thousand yuan machine market adopts LCD screen mobile phone, or more,But flagship performance is rare, so the MOTOROLA Edge S30 is a rare LCD flagship, with 144Hz refresh rate and 576Hz touch sampling rate.So what do you think of the MOTOROLA Edge S30?