NBA officials praised James: “He’s so dominant on the court and he respects us so much.

2022-05-10 0 By

James, who is recovering from a knee injury, scored 29 points and had 13 rebounds and 10 assists against the Knicks, surprising fans by not picking up a technical foul so far this season.After all, James did complain about officiating during games, so why didn’t he get a technical foul?Former NBA referee Crawford explains today.Crawford are asked in an interview with the problem, he says. “lebron James is a very civilized player, he won’t be on your export into a dirty, he know the argued, but polite, he know should use what kind of way to express their emotions and protest to you, but his way of speaking really let a person can understand,He speaks to you to discuss the problem will always take you as a family, if sometimes he carelessly swear so timely, his dominance in the game is extremely strong, but really very famous, he treated us as though we were family, we would like to treat him, he is very respect the referee in the game, so we will do the same things,He knows how to be nice to people.”He has been a professional referee since 1985. Since then, he has called more than 2,000 regular season games in the NBA. He has a lot of experience and has been a witness of James’ growth.Now he has retired from NBA because he is too old to run on the court.Now lebron is a very civilized player. He doesn’t say dirty words to people, because he said that he is a public figure, so he won’t do something out of line in front of the public and have a bad influence on the kids.