Only in Jiangsu!Changzhou digital education case won the national demonstration case

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With the advent of the digital era, accelerating digital transformation has become a global consensus.New teaching models are emerging by embracing digital technology.”Learning for the Future: Digital Learning Practice exploration from the perspective of ‘smart Education'” Changzhou case was selected as the Demonstration case of in-depth integration of Information technology and education and teaching by the Ministry of Education, becoming the only one in Jiangsu province.It is reported that the Ministry of Education organized the review of typical cases of the deep integration of INFORMATION technology and education and teaching, and recently identified 44 schools and 66 regional demonstration cases of the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching.By summarizing and popularizing the experiences and practices of local and primary and secondary schools in promoting the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching, this initiative promotes the integration and innovation of information technology and education and teaching, accelerates the modernization of basic education and promotes the high-quality development of basic education.The research on digital learning in Changzhou was started in 2012, which is an important starting point for Changzhou to promote educational informatization, promote high-quality development of schools and balance the quality of regional education.Teaching institutes for xu, deputy director of the exhibition of the modern education technology center, through ten years of exploration, changzhou digital learning research depth of focus on five areas, advance the eight operations, strive to highlight 3 big characteristic, through constant practice – reflection – summary – practice, effectively promoted the change and innovation of changzhou based education training mode,Ecological construction of regional education information system.Let the digital classroom more three-dimensional.In 2020, borrow the changzhou declare the Ministry of Education of basic “based on the teaching reform, integration of information technology, a new mode of teaching and learning” experimental area of opportunity, to comb digital learning study target, content, the introduction of the concept of east China normal university professor zhi-ting zhu on intellectual education, made a suit to the current situation and the future development of experimental research plan,Has carried on the top-level design for the whole city education informationization development.The construction of experimental area has clarified the vision of “learning for the future”, focusing on five areas: refining digital learning paradigm, building future-oriented curriculum system, exploring the evaluation model of digital learning level, promoting high quality development of schools by digital learning, and promoting quality balance of regional education by digital learning.In the more than one year since the launch of the national Informatization Teaching Experimental Zone, digital learning research in Changzhou has been continuously promoted from eight aspects, including mechanism construction, project promotion, classroom exhibition and evaluation, ability improvement, paradigm refinement, curriculum construction, evaluation and exploration, and urban-rural joint construction, which has effectively guaranteed the balanced development of education quality.The transformation of digital teaching is inseparable from the improvement of teachers’ information technology application ability.Through the establishment of “Changzhou Education Information Technology Learning Circle” wechat official account, changzhou Education Information Technology Learning Circle teacher group was established, and more than 10 practical education information technology topic lecturer groups such as “use of the same screen software”, “wechat graphic editing”, “mobile phone video editing” were formed.Changzhou promotes information technology application ability training for real teaching scenes in the whole city, and drives teachers to learn practical information technology such as online investigation, teaching and scientific research drawing and practice the technology in teaching scenes.Since 2019, it has completed 18 training sessions with nearly 3,000 person-times;At present, various training forms such as online self-study, network live broadcast, on-site interaction and double teachers in different places are gradually taking shape, and the training features for real teaching scenes are gradually highlighted.How to extract the “paradigm” conducive to the spread of the spread?A series of information-based special topics, such as “flipped classroom”, deep learning, personalized learning, big data in education and tablet teaching, have emerged at the right moment. Based on the first classroom, the research on the class-based paradigm of digital learning has been carried out to promote the in-depth innovation and integration of classroom teaching and information technology.The study of “Internet +” classroom teaching paradigm in Tianning District of Changzhou city has entered the stage of practical promotion, and the paradigm research has given more clear connotation and value to “learner-centered”.Platform construction and resource development “double line progress”, on the one hand, connected with the national and provincial platform combined with various local application platform changzhou education service platform;On the other hand, through self-construction, cooperation, purchase and other ways to develop supporting curriculum resources, accelerate the construction of high-quality basic education resources covering all disciplines, all sections, laying a foundation for curriculum implementation.It has nearly 2,000 excellent courses and nearly 4,000 excellent micro lesson videos.”Vocational Education Network Teaching Space” covers more than 100 majors in all vocational schools in the city.Go with the flow.Changzhou digital learning practice exploration continues to give full play to the advantages of deep integration of disciplinary teaching and research and audio-visual teaching research, and strives to build a new ecology of regional education informatization development that not only fits the local reality, but also has a forward-looking vision and attaches great importance to the development of transplanting, so as to vigorously promote the education and teaching reform in Changzhou and gradually realize fair and quality education.Source: Intersection editor: Xing Xiaoyi Review: Xu Xiaodong