Pokemon uses a lot of naki from the third generation of the flight system, and the main elves have dragons!

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In the third generation, defeated li, after the player next to face the owner is to use flight is na, a small 2 to the pavilion’s impression is its pavilion organ is very interesting, need through the swing in the direction of the front rail to stealth, and na qi in the special paper has the excellence of visitors in the cartoon, in the game also has a strong power,Here’s a look at some of the pokemon symbols nakhi uses in the game.PS: No rank;This article may not be too serious, if there are mistakes, please correct.The first one is the big King Swallow. In the animation, The last one naki uses is a big king Swallow of different colors, which is superior to the big King Swallow of Xiaozhi. However, in the game, the big King Swallow is not the main force of Nazi.The match of big King Swallow is lightning flash + Yan Return + shadow split body + Brute force. As a brittle and not low speed of The Pokemon, big King Swallow is really suitable for using brute force to properly Yin people. The main output of the match is Yan Return.NO.2 Larger-billed gull and then a larger-billed gull of the third generation — yes, there are two larger-billed gull of the third generation, and the larger-billed gull of the third and sixth generations has not yet acquired the rainfall characteristics, so it cannot start raining. The real strength of the larger-billed gull comes after the seventh generation has acquired the rainfall characteristics, and in the sixth ORAS,Naki’s gull is a wave of water + perch + hold + swallow return, which is a typical outputer with endurance, and one of the few NPCS to carry hold.NO. 3 armour of bird’s appearance using only 3 treasure bird can dream is armour, armor birds are flying is a treasure of the second generation can be a dream, is also the only a steel flew in early generation, while the output is not high but because birds fly steel has excellent resistance to armor as a shield to treasure can dream also had a highlight moment in battle, to deal with resistance more armor birds traditionally is not an easy thing,In the 6th generation of ORAS, Naki’s armor bird is equipped with air blade + steel wing + splash sand + Swallow return. There is no endurance means, but it is relatively easy to break through.NO. 4 on behalf of the treasure of Chinese jade and said to her dream, is actually in the animation is not na qi as the main appearance of Chinese jade, and Chinese valentine’s day, jade also, as the title said, in addition to the flight department has a dragon system attributes, but it is the dragon department more modest – because the existence of Chinese jade in the racial value on pay more attention to the durable, ORAS six generations,Naqi’s Tanabata blue bird combo is earthquake + Dragon’s breath + cotton defense + feather habitat, although there is no flying output, but through the enhancement of durability and endurance of the game will make players feel sick.Well, the above are some of the main pokemon that xiao Er wants to introduce this time. In other generations, She also uses pokemon such as cat’s head Nighthawk, tropical dragon, etc. (in the fifth generation, she even uses Fierce empty sitting), xiao er will not do one by one introduction.