Seining: In March the peach blossom opens the visitor to spring

2022-05-10 0 By

Rednet moment March 14 news (correspondent Sun Fanghua) “peach blossom spring warm open first, beautiful who do not look.”After a week of sunny weather, suining county many peach blossom blossom competition, like clouds, attracted tourists from all over the world to enjoy the flower outing.On March 12, many people in the county walked in pairs and came out of their houses to the peach garden to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery of peach blossoms.Peach blossom in March, fairyland enjoy.Around 10 in the morning, the tourists have arrived at the peach garden, I saw some of them in the peach forest chase play, some in with the peach blossom in harmony to take photos.Here peach blossom pink, also have white, thousands of flowers, flowers like a brocade, simple and elegant, beautiful and charming with fragrance, graceful, beautiful, let a person god fans drunk.Everybody is drunk at peach blossom delicate and charming, with peach blossom beautiful scenery zero distance contact, everybody shot this scene randomly.May be said to be “in March peach blossom particularly yan, peach blossom dance spring breeze.Like clouds like clouds floating in the air, spring not drunk people drunk.”