Sixian county: Carry out special supervision to ensure stable market prices and abundant goods

2022-05-10 0 By

We will ensure that vegetable baskets are abundant and prices stable, and ensure food safety on the tip of our tongue.Since January 27, the Market Supervision Bureau of Sixian county, together with the County Development and Reform Commission and the Bureau of Commerce, has carried out a special joint inspection to ensure the stable price of goods in the festival market.In the activity, the joint inspection team went into 11 wholesale markets, key stores and other key places, through on-site inspection, inquiry, visit and other forms of crucian carp, cucumber, green pepper, beef, eggs and other 33 kinds of livelihood commodities to carry out price monitoring and inspection.At the same time, price laws and regulations will be publicized on site, and business owners will be required to operate in good faith, implement price policies, avoid price fraud, hoarding, price gouging and other illegal behaviors, do not disrupt the normal market price order, and further carry out regular epidemic prevention and control work.In addition, law enforcement officers also came to the supermarket refrigerator and other places, steak and other imported cold chain food to carry out investigation activities.At present, various market inspections and joint inspections are being carried out in an orderly manner to ensure the stable price of vegetable baskets and the safety of our tongues.(Yu Xiaolei and Jiang Hui)