Tesla insurance did not come, NiO first move, what are the benefits of car insurance agent?

2022-05-10 0 By

Nio Holdings Co., Ltd. has invested 50 million yuan to officially establish “NiO Insurance Broker Co., LTD.” on January 19.”China Insurance Industry Association new energy vehicle commercial insurance exclusive Clauses (trial)” officially launched, requires that all new energy vehicles must be insured new energy vehicle insurance.Nio is the first to make a move. Its business scope includes: insurance brokerage;Insurance agency business;Insurance agent business and so on.Nio has already laid out insurance. Service without care is the most famous part of NiO’s service, which has always been famous for its comprehensive, meticulous and good experience.In addition to free repair, free maintenance and free mobility scooter, the worry-free service package also includes “three insurances”.It is to hand in strong danger, 1 million yuan 3 person danger and 700 thousand yuan become a family personnel accident danger respectively.Among them, glass, scratches, wading and other additional insurance, as well as non-accident damage is also included.However, the driver and passenger accident insurance company will not accept the increase of insurance coverage for the time being;If the user needs to increase the amount of third party liability insurance, he/she shall apply to the insurance company for additional purchase.It can be seen that niO started the business of auto insurance broker when it launched “Service free” in 2018, and later launched a separate “insurance free”.Now the overall premium of new energy vehicles is rising, So NIO thinks the time is ripe to set up an insurance brokerage company to separate the auto insurance agency business.What are the benefits for users?At the end of last year, most of the premiums for new energy models experienced a certain range of increases.In this case, the purpose of niO’s insurance brokerage company is also clear.Is to take advantage of the rise in premiums, as an insurance agent to seize the car insurance market of its owners.Although the auto insurance market is already transparent, compared with individual owners, NIO is bound to get a lower price from insurance companies because of its size.In addition, NIO’s consistently good service attitude is deeply rooted in people’s minds, so it can be said that it has an advantage in this “insurance is for service” era.It is expected that niO Insurance agency will provide a number of highly cost-effective auto insurance packages at the initial stage of its establishment.In addition, niO will not force its owners to purchase car insurance from niO insurance agency due to its reputation of excellent service.So, in essence, there is just one more choice for NIO owners.To sum up, it is not difficult to understand niO’s involvement in the insurance agency field. After confirming that new energy vehicles will replace traditional fuel vehicles, new forces of car manufacturing are more or less laying out their layout around the surrounding fields of new energy vehicles, such as energy supplement network, new energy technology, and integration of upstream and downstream enterprises.On the eve of the coming great changes in the automotive field, who can seize more market and technology before new energy vehicles completely replace fuel cars, who will be able to get the first opportunity in the future, insurance brokers are also one of them.