The hero chariot that has guarded Tianjin for 23 years, the Bo Lang Tao 40-2T1 curved arm ascending vehicle with Mercedes-benz NG chassis

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At the end of October last year, I went to tianjin Gaoxin Fire Theme Park to visit bo Lang Tao “old guard”.The position of the old man just can see tianjin Gaoyin 117 building, seems to have a kind of “even if you are the first in the country, I still guard you on the side” feeling, perhaps this is its best destination.Botao 40-2T1 is the main product of Botao in the 1980s. The car introduced in this paper was purchased by Tianjin Fire Department at the cost of 2.5 million yuan in the late 1980s.At the end of the 1980s, the main domestic climbing car to Simon, and the ladder to Machielus, can afford to buy more than 40 meters of high vehicles, the economic conditions are not bad.The vehicle was produced in October 1988 and equipped with Tong Lou Squadron of Hexi Fire Brigade in 1989.In 1998, the car was sent to the East Of the River fire detachment special service team 1;In 2006, he was assigned to Wuhua Road Squadron, High-tech Zone Fire Protection Detachment, and retired from active service in 2012.During its 23 years on duty, it has responded more than 3,000 times and rescued nearly 1,000 people.And in order to preserve it in the way of exhibition car, but also to tell the future generations, Tianjin has such a legendary fire engine.The Botao 40-2T1 climbing vehicle adopts a boom structure, which is composed of four main booms and one boom. The boom is non-telescopic and has a retractable ladder on the side.In fact, the technical level is very similar to that of the current lift vehicle, the current positioning should be replaced by the F-RLX/RPX.In the 80’s, the process was far less than it is now, and most of the bolangtao boom ascending pipeline is built into the boom.In those years, all the pipes were externally arranged and fixed with metal frames. It can be clearly seen that the plastic pipe shell and rubber shell are still intact.The telescopic ladder frame is located on the right side of the boom frame. The number of sections of the ladder frame is the same as that of the boom frame, both of which are 5 sections.The main reason for the curved arm ascending vehicle is to improve the rescue efficiency of the vehicle and achieve the same rescue effect as the ladder vehicle, but it does not mean that this is the ladder vehicle, only has the function of the ladder.On the turntable, we can clearly see that the water passes through the middle of the two big boom cylinders, turns left after reaching the end of the boom, connects to the hose on the side of the ladder, and leads to the water cannon of the rescue basket.The control platform at the left end of the close-up arm of the lifting platform hydraulic cylinder is very simple, which is composed of a glass baffle plate and a plurality of iron pieces.Inside the use of indicator light tips, integrated with four levers.According to the vehicle boom working curve can be seen, the maximum working height of the boom can reach 40 meters, and the rescue basket up height can be added two meters, I estimate that the 40-2 named form is so.The maximum span is 19 meters, and the maximum depth can reach 5 meters.The maximum wind resistance of the boom is 14 meters per second.The basket sits on a platform behind the cab, the same layout as most ascent platforms today.There are doors on the left and right sides of the basket with a maximum load of 400 kg.In fact, the rescue efficiency of the ascending truck is higher than that of the ladder truck. After all, the domestic ladder truck rescue basket has to be mounted in the 1980s and 1990s, which is a waste of time. It can only rely on the elevator for quick rescue in the first time.And the climbing platform integrated rescue basket, can be the first time to evacuate people.The rescue basket is also equipped with a control panel which is the same as the control platform below. This design combines traditional mechanization and electrification is very pure.It is for these reasons that both the ladders and the ascending vehicles of the year have been in service for a decade or two, and would still be in service if it were not for the rapid iteration of technology.Surprisingly, the fire gun on the rescue basket is an electric fire gun. Two motors control the gear on the gun body, and the motor controls the longitudinal swing of the fire gun.The control fire gun below rotates.The model of the fire gun is unknown. It could be an Amilon product.The loudspeaker mounted on the rescue basket is the suction port located at the rear of the car. The rear equipment bin is sealed, and the rear should be the emergency control valve.The chassis is not equipped with fire pump, the vehicle can only achieve high spray function through external pressure.In fact, it is also very good, because according to the feedback, most of the climbing platform will not use vehicle-mounted pump, generally through the suction directly pressure.H – leg should not say more, the leg right Angle is round.From the work of the outriggers, the compactness of the support legs and other aspects, the feeling is more reliable than some brands 53 meters domestic lift cars I have contacted.The equipment bin on the left and right sides of the chassis is not a shutter door switch, but a traditional revolving door, which can still work normally.There’s a lot of room in there, so it’s not a problem.The disadvantage of using all steel is that if the box manufacturing process is not very good, the surface paint will rust very seriously if it is not treated with water.Mercedes-benz NG85 is the last NG series variant. The 85 represents the 1985 variant, which was replaced by the SK series, which was released in 1989. It was produced in 1988 and was the last NG series.With a length of 12.5 meters and a three-axle design, it is a curved arm ascent vehicle that is very suitable for urban use.Mercedes NG classic rectangular grille with black gills on the left and right sides.Above with cooling water filling mouth, slightly regretful is the small Mercedes logo has disappeared.A familiar taste shop and come, yes, it is the North Mercedes!All steel bumper to now still plate, and the original import NG and the biggest difference is the bumper shape mellow, transition coordination;The north Ben uses the full right Angle design, reduce the mold cost.Unfortunately, the left and right sides of the headlights have been changed for domestic, the left headlights were broken.Although the bumper is simple, but many small details, the following is provided with a class of car pedal, and the top of the left and right sides are also fixed with bolts to prevent the slide block, convenient driver clean the front face.The rear of the bumper is also added with anti-rust coating of the engine protection shell, the chassis is also used in all-red anti-rust paint.Through the rear window to see the cab, the car uses a relatively large two-frame steering wheel.All the instruments in the back are independent mechanical meters with symmetrical design. The tachometer in the middle, the comprehensive meter on the right, and the speedometer on the left can open the driving record paper.Step type split window, row half cab, cab with small window behind.The number 2628 on the door represents a total mass of 26 tons and a 280 horsepower engine.The car is powered by the 14.6-liter Mercedes OM442 V8 engine, and its green body is the most representative feature.It matches the ZF 16-speed manual transmission.The Mercedes OM442 engine uses a dual exhaust pipe layout, one for every four cylinders, and two silencers can be seen in the image above.The above four pictures show close-ups of various parts of the Benz wheel-side reduction bridge. In fact, from the perspective of the structure of the vehicle bridge, it is very similar to the current Benz wheel-side reduction bridge.Due to the age of parking, all tires are flat, Michelin brand.Not long ago, I saw a mother and son near Markilus in fuzhou Fire Park.The mother is teaching her child the “German Machielus Flatbed” written on the reader’s sign, and the child reads along with her in his still mature accent.Mother told him, these fire engines are meritorious, we can not go to destroy it!Hear here, I sincerely feel gratified……The vast majority of fire engines, even though they have tried their best to fight a hundred battles and made outstanding achievements, are doomed to scrap the fate of fire engines, can be left behind is very few.The few fire trucks retained in the fire park have become landmarks that we fire fans must clock in everywhere.I hope that all parts can actively build fire parks, to show you these outstanding achievements of the fire engines.