Chengde Fengning: the construction of “Safe Hospital” is impressive

2022-05-11 0 By

Promote JingYi lianjian mechanism to protect FengNing “peace hospital” construction Hebei news network news (reporter liu hai bou, lily zhang, TongLi) FengNing manchu autonomous county by “campaign, JingYi lianjian, protect mechanism” three moves, power regulation of medical institutions internal and surrounding public security order, further pushing forward the construction of the “peace hospital”Last year, the county “safe hospital” construction work impressive, the whole medical system to achieve the whole year “zero medical trouble”, “zero petition”, “zero illegal” cases.Strengthen publicity on the rule of law.County health department of health and medical institutions are widely using television, radio, Internet and other media and through the printing of publicity materials and post signs, hanging banners, establishing fixed publicity column form, publicity of medical knowledge and correctly handle the doctor-patient relationship, hit “medical alarm” such as laws and regulations of the act, guide the patient or family rational treatment of medical risk and the possibility of medical accidents,And through proper channels to reflect problems and solve appeals.More than 80 slogans and banners were hung throughout the county, and more than 20,000 copies of publicity materials were distributed.At the same time, the effective publicity of new media, such as the two micro end and the public account, improves the medical knowledge and the awareness of the rule of law of the masses.Joint construction of police doctors.According to the county, the county government arrangement deployment, county health bureau joint county public security bureau in the county hospital and hospital, police room set up respectively by the hospital to provide the necessary office space and office equipment, county public security organ shall send officers, 24 hours a day shift on-duty police, supervise the implementation of safety precautions, acceptance and disposal of all kinds of emergency case (things).Formulate and improve emergency response plans for preventing terrorism, sabotage and mass emergencies.In the county within the medical institutions, township health centers, clinics and other key departments to install a key alarm device more than 170, in case of special circumstances timely alarm, the public security organs after receiving police timely police, timely disposal, will be unsafe factors contained in the bud.Improve the mechanism for handling.In the construction of “Safe hospital”, this county has established and improved three disposal mechanisms to escort the construction of “safe hospital” : first, the establishment of information briefing conference system.Led by the county political and legal committee, organize relevant departments to regularly analyze the public security situation of the hospital and its surrounding areas, timely discuss remediation measures, and determine the focus of safety prevention;We will severely crack down on professional “medical trouble”, “medical care” and “registration traffickers”.Those who fabricate, seek out, or intervene in other people’s doctor-patient conflicts, deliberately amplifying the situation and stirring up quarrels and troubles, will be investigated and dealt with firmly in accordance with the law.Strengthen the maintenance of order and disorder around medical institutions to create a good medical environment for patients;Second, we need to improve the rapid response mechanism.The public security organs have established and improved the rapid response mechanism to actively resolve the disturbances that disturb the hospital order and affect the normal work of the hospital, so as to restore the hospital order as soon as possible.Those who are suspected of violating laws and committing crimes shall be investigated for corresponding legal responsibilities according to law;Third, we will improve the mechanism for sharing medical risks.The county advocates that “health administrative departments and hospitals at all levels should implement the docking of specialized institutions and personnel with public security organs”, and actively carry out the investigation and resolution of doctor-patient conflicts and medical disputes: go into medical institutions and surrounding communities, towns and villages, timely find conflicts and disputes, and designate special personnel to carry out the resolution work;On the premise of improving service quality, health departments have actively organized medical institutions at all levels to implement third-party mediation mechanism for medical disputes and participate in medical liability insurance mechanism, so as to smooth complaint channels and maintain a more harmonious doctor-patient relationship.