@ District residents: Keep clear and white paper in and out of the district

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1. How to manage the entrance and exit of the prevention area?(1) Residents outside the sealed control area, control area and key area are not required to leave the village or the community. If they do need to leave the community, the community management personnel should implement control measures, take temperature measurement, light codes and scan codes in public places for registration, and provide three negative nucleic acid tests within the last week, without applying for a pass.(2) Rework personnel should try their best to carry out closed management in their work units. If they really need to return home, they should do two points and one line and comply with the entry inspection procedures.(3) Takeaway food delivery personnel are not allowed to enter the community, and the owners should take it by themselves at the gate of the community;Surrounding supermarkets control the business hours and the number of people entering the store at the same time, and strictly implement the requirements of one-meter line for shopping and settlement, so as to reduce the gathering risk and waiting time.Ii. How to manage and remove the containment area, control area and key area?Seal control area “regional closed, stay indoors, door-to-door service”;In the control area, “people are not allowed to leave the area and gathering is strictly prohibited”. Residents are allowed to leave their homes for a limited time and outside personnel are prohibited to enter.Key areas are managed by referring to control areas.What are the criteria for removing the containment area and control area?(1) No new cases or asymptomatic infected persons have been reported in the containment and control areas within 14 days.(2) The last close contact in the area tested negative for nucleic acid more than 14 days after the last exposure.(3) Two rounds of nucleic acid screening were carried out two days before unsealing, and the results were all negative.(4) Risk can be eliminated after expert study and judgment.How to use the public place code?2. After successful registration, the interface will display residents’ health code status, vaccination status, nucleic acid test times and the latest nucleic acid test results. At the same time, click “View travel card” button to jump to the small program of travel code.If residents have been tested for nucleic acid since March 9, the screen shows green.If the nucleic acid test has not been done, the interface shows red.