Exposure zhang Zifeng and Yanxu Jia love!He’s been known to have had sex with many women, and she’s been known to have lost her virginity

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Lalang dare not pull so, this pair who would have thought!!Yanxu was spotted with the mysterious beauty on Valentine’s Day, wearing matching jackets.It was not until the next day that the two went out to work separately.Lonely men and women meet one night, Yanxujia new love was exposed.Anyway, yanxujia house collapse is not the first time, we are not too surprised.But the reverse is true.Some netizens pick up the mysterious beauty running posture like Zhang Zifeng!Are you fine…Zhang Zifeng’s voice is getting louder and louder, which directly led to the outbreak of this storm of public opinion.As time went by, netizens uncovered more evidence to confirm the girl’s identity.The mobile phone shell of mysterious beauty and Zhang Zifeng hit money, more coincidental is shell hind also inserts two cards likewise.As early as last October, some netizens said on Weibo that zhang zifeng and Yanxu Jia were dating, which was revealed by the teacher of one of zhang’s classmates.Look at the abstract painting style of Yanxu Jia’s weibo profile picture, is it a little familiar?Also do not know whether the net friend CP brain, or head is really from zhang Zifeng’s hand.A child star debut of the national sister, a love beans born members of the male group, this thought eight poles can not hit.But I did not expect that they were the students of The Beijing Film Academy, or the same class!Once hosted the 70th anniversary of Nortel together, the same frame has a kind of broken dimensional feeling ~ backstage privately sitting together, has become like a pair of little lovers.As far as I am concerned, it was in October last year that we got together.Walking the red carpet together, just like the height difference in the video…To be honest, it was my sister and a couple of others…A big mouth ky, we Wu Lei’s brother is also a nortel, how can not he take a look at zhang Zifeng’s cooperation with the actor, it can be said that any one can satisfy the netizens.Overnight, how many CP fans have been…Meanwhile, some fans have countered that the mysterious beauty photographed could not be Zhang zifeng, claiming that her sister’s hair is not that long.Although it is not convincing, most netizens will believe if Zhang Zifeng’s studio denies a word.However, bitter waiting for a whole day, such as only Yanxu Jia former teammate Chen Zexi’s rub heat confused behavior.Family members to watch, Chen Zexi is a little humor in the body.Previously on Yanxu Jia and Chen Zexi are THE teammates of X Jiu Youth Group, then Chen Zexi quit the team because of the collapse of the room.Yanxujia people have not spoken, Chen Zexi is also love ceng, for friends with netizens.Roughly meaning is yanxu love close what matter, people lengnuanzizhi.Finished by the net friend caught scold him less say two sentences, accidentally glass heart, quickly edit copy, but also in the comment area leave a message to let the net friend at will.I understand the truth, but why RIP yourself…(Or is that what you meant to say love&Peace) finally deleted the micro blog and sent a new one to cover up, what a pig teammate…In general, after this suspected love affair was exposed, most netizens are like Huang Lei in A Life of Longing: I want to kill him, I have to cut something…Although I can accept Zhang Zifeng for kissing scenes, I always feel that she is still young and it will be a long time before we fall in love.This wave of gossip came suddenly, most of the fans broke down, and even some of them lost their fans.As one said, yan Xu jia love is not rare, even if Zhang Zifeng love may also be acceptable.But netizens are most dissatisfied with Zhang’s choice of Yanxujia to be with her.After all yanxu before the emotional experience of the public perception: this man is not too reliable.In 2020, Yanxujia was accused in a long article by his ex-girlfriend xiaoboyu of cheating on him and being treated with cold and violence.Anger jilted many pieces of chat records, cheating and flirting with women’s feelings of the man real hammer!One stone stirred up thousands of waves, did not expect and a couple of net friends line, only to find this period of love, there are three girls at the same time think he is Yanxujia’s girlfriend.In addition, Yanxujia is a former talent show, most of his die-hard fans are throwing money to send his debut girlfriend fans, instant image collapse.In the end, Yanjia posted an apology and said she would focus on her work and studies in the future.New love can not say completely hit the face statement ha, after all, if the mysterious beauty is Really Zhang Zifeng, it is indeed found in the university of this public opinion, some people say Zhang Zifeng pick men in the garbage, bad taste.Someone said that Yanxu jia picked up the treasure, is not waiting to be photographed by the paparazzi.Both men and women are polarized in public opinion, so let’s wait for sister to respond.May: It’s a blessing that you have a scandal every year. You really deserve to be a time management master.