Gem failed to resolve the double adjustment pressure, Shanghai time for space still left two trading days?

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Gem new cycle five trading days of the closing or failed to accept in total turnover last closed above, so the gem has established the new cycle continue to adjust repair, subsequent unless based average appear extreme changes based on technical level, can finish the idle moments more shift, otherwise rebound is also in order to better total a continuation of the trend and adjust direction changing hands.The total turnover of the gem market in this round is 7.17 trillion yuan. According to the average amount of 194.8 billion yuan in the previous five trading days, it will take at least 31 trading days to complete the turnover based on the total turnover of the last round.The next 30 trading days to long short change only two ways is extreme volume and the first 1.382 times of the bottom signal, and then five trading days quickly confirm the bottom is completed, only in this way can do the operation of the strategy choice.And the Shanghai Composite Index based on the last round total 14.4 trillion turnover amount of 600 billion level, according to the amount of 300 billion on a single day, the remaining two trading days this week need to launch a targeted layout, without fear of intraday adjustment, fell down to dare to low layout.Want to know the total turnover market adjustment of the Shanghai index has achieved the level of super fell, while the gem is super super super down, also failed to establish a new cycle changed hands total market with technology to recover and rally reconstruction is given priority to, also failed to give full play to the accumulation of time advantage, but do not represent special time period special attribute failure.Mainly gem can’t direction in the new period to confirm the last trading day of establishment of absolute days many leading market, only in this way in the face of dominant averages mental pressure to have the opportunity to directly over, leading ultimately failed to establish absolute days is suppressed under the technical pressure average line closed can only accept the fact.Prior to the gem do in the direction of the new cycle to confirm the time point of the relatively low layout, the adjustment will be adjusted, the next can only be given priority to super short-term trading days, up to five trading days to deal with the GEM established to adjust the repair and technical decline.So gem total turnover market adjustment target bit?As the new low level also belongs to the total turnover market of this round and the new low level of 120 cycles, there is no way to make an effective judgment when adjusting the current point level. We can only wait for a clear signal to stop the decline or change time for space to complete the repair.It with the Shanghai composite index strategy is just relay, adjusted the gem on the mainboard, especially after the Shanghai for active layout related target, entered the stage of time next week, the Shanghai’s technology can’t give full play to the advantages and disadvantages in the point in time, this time average pressure can cross in conjunction with the no technical conditions,The key is to see whether many can master absolute intraday advantage.The next two days in the Shanghai have low repair quotation will actively layout, the layout to say again first, after five days and then follow the gem’s continued drop policy change is not late again, but just can’t face the future in the adjustment of the two sessions nothing, after all a whole complete repair cycle has been completed, completed in repair time in space,In the time dominant phase, the time advantage is biased in many ways, remember.Welcome to pay attention to, like, comment, this column is looking forward to interacting with you!The stock market has the risk, the investment needs the caution, this column viewpoint only provides the reference!