“Looking back on 2021 three” focuses on the “two professional” project to promote high-quality cadres

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Clasp the founding in 2021, the city live built bureau party committee one hundred years of history, in the construction of “clean authority, creating a model agency” for traction, full implementation of the “red roots strong base project”, seriously study to carry out the party history education, deepening the comprehensive governing party, the party construction of “12345” and the business integration development system got into full play,The quality and efficiency of all work in the urban housing and construction sector were improved.Today, the launch of “2021 Work Review” series of three: focus on the “Two Special administrative departments” project, Promote high-quality cadres 1.Implement three “100” talent attraction plans.That is, outstanding young cadres born in the 1990s exceeded 100, talents with bachelor’s degree or above from double first-class institutions exceeded 100, and professional and technical talents with high skills and titles exceeded 100.We will introduce a classified training model for young officials, bring in a number of highly educated and high-quality personnel, and train them through ranking, professional performance, differentiated evaluation, and diversified training.2. Deepen the “mentoring system”.”Early late with a dry, medium dry, pointing to dry, dry start me” for the idea, develop the young cadres into the cascade training plan “growth mentor” help “young cadres system measures (trial)”, open the mentoring pair, to help young cadre, good walk good, fasten the first buttons in career.A total of 28 new young cadres successfully mated.3. Establish a “point system” for evaluating and hiring professional titles.To break the practice of putting seniority first, quantify the grading standards of professional titles, focus on the aspects of tenure, work performance, honor and reward, and formulate the grading conditions and implementation rules of posts in public institutions affiliated to the bureau.In view of the long-term problem of low employment in higher vocational positions, we carried out the overall planning and allocation of technical and technical posts, revitalized the stock and optimized the allocation, and increased the number of senior technical and technical posts by 10% compared with before the overall planning, so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of technical and technical personnel.Source: Urban Housing Bureau office, organ Party committee editor: Xu Shanshan First instance: Zhou Bin second instance: Ge Feijun third instance: Fang Liang Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com