Notice of Liaoyang Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on Intensive Novel Coronavirus Nucleic acid Tests for Key Populations

2022-05-11 0 By

Fellow citizens:The epidemic prevention and control situation became more complicated due to the increased mobility of people after the Spring Festival. In order to effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic in Zhuhai, the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters decided to set a deadline of February 11,For social welfare pension institutions, take-out service personnel, to import cold-chain food practitioners, the farmer’s market, service personnel, market supervision system line workers, prison staff, travel driver services such as security personnel in areas, transportation workers, express service personnel, customs a line homework personnel, close contacts, accompanied by fever outpatients and inpatients andOne novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test will be carried out for key groups such as personnel, staff in medical institutions and staff in isolation places.This nucleic acid test is an important and regular test, which is an important measure to implement the requirement of “four early” and prevent it from happening.It is hoped that those involved will fulfill their personal responsibility for epidemic prevention and control and actively participate in and cooperate with nucleic acid testing.At the same time, the general public friends are requested to treat the normal nucleic acid testing of key groups correctly, do not panic, do not spread rumors, and jointly build a solid defense line of normal epidemic prevention and control in our city.Liaoyang City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office February 9, 2022 source: Liaoyang Communications Broadcast wechat public account