Pre-growth + data center + blockchain + Bytedance, up 31.03% in 6 days!Is there still a chance

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The main business of Guangdong Group (002400) is media agency, digital marketing, brand management, private media release, public relations activities and other services.The company is one of the most outstanding large-scale comprehensive advertising companies in China.The concept of the strong stock are: pre-increase performance + data center + blockchain + Bytedance Province wide Group (002400) the recent speculation of the logic of what?1. In terms of performance, the company released the announcement of pre-increase in performance, which is conducive to the stock price!2. The four departments issued the “14th Five-year Development Plan for Financial Standardization”, coupled with the launch of the 14th Five-year Digital Economy plan and the fact that it issued the “Continue to Strengthen, Improve and Expand China’s Digital Economy”. The digital currency sector was strong again, and relevant stocks rose.2, the Ministry of Commerce called for the development of digital trade, related stocks ushered in a rising market.3. In the field of data center, the company has achieved a sound basic hardware layout in IDC business, deployed three cloud computing centers in the country, and has nearly a thousand privatized servers.Led by the plate, related stocks ushered in a rising market.4. In the field of blockchain, the company has possessed relevant technologies and carried out layout in the field of blockchain through independent research and third-party cooperation.Led by the plate, related stocks ushered in a rising market.5. In the field of Bytedance, the company maintains a close cooperative relationship with Toutiao, and has obtained the qualification of TiKTOK’s core agent abroad, which is conducive to promoting customer brand marketing abroad.Led by the plate, related stocks ushered in a rising market.From the technical point of view, Guangdong Group (002400) the recent stock shock upward trend, 6 trading days the share price rose 31.03%!In the short term, the average and MACD have continued to strengthen after the formation of a gold fork, the main capital net inflow of 143 million yuan.Operation, in the short term, the unit still continues to rise in power, the proposal of late focus on.