The Hang Seng Internet ETF (513330) rose 2%, led by high-opening technology stocks

2022-05-11 0 By

The Hang Seng index opened 1.64% higher at 24,727.34 today, led by technology stocks. The Hang Seng Technology Index gained 2.26%, with Alibaba up more than 6% and Pharming bio-tech up more than 9% after resuming trading.Hang Seng Internet ETF (513330) rose 1.97%, Wind data shows that in the last five trading days, hang Seng Internet ETF (513330) net inflows of 1.276 billion yuan.Ping An Securities believes that the undervaluation advantage of Hong Kong stocks is the internal cause of the “good start”, the valuation repair logic will continue to deduce, represented by the Hang Seng Index in the Hong Kong stock market since the beginning of 2022 impressive performance.