The “invisible team” behind the epidemic!The Second Mental Health Center of Municipal Civil Affairs to resist the “Inverted Cold”

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“The epidemic prevention and control situation is grim. Although we cannot be at the front line, we also want to contribute to the fight against the epidemic. We hope to provide hot meals so that our clients’ lives will not be affected and our staff can have enough to eat to fight against the epidemic.”Zhao Lingrong, a meal officer in the Second Mental Health Centre (HEREINAFTER referred to as the “second Fine Centre”), says what she feels in her heart and her meal class’s determination to fight the epidemic as an invisible team in the rear.In order to comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, whole-meal meal control centre (MEAL board) was boarded up from March 12 with staff firmly in their posts.As a result, the number of meal times has doubled. How to secure more resources to ensure normal meal supply is the first challenge facing the meal department.”200 pieces of frozen products have been allocated, which can be delivered tomorrow morning and placed in cold storage.” “Soymilk and dried silk have been found.” “Eggs can be sent to 8 more baskets”…These more than 10 days, in order to strive for quality supplies for the first time every day, Zhao Lingrong kept in touch with suppliers, mobile phone 24 hours close to carry, for fear of missing any opportunity to mix supplies.When she learned that some of her clients wanted to eat fish, she immediately coordinated with them and finally obtained a batch of fresh herring through multiple communication.At the end of the day, all the chefs in the kitchen stayed behind to “fight” and clean up more than 90 jin of herring.”I just wanted to get rid of the fish as soon as possible, so that everyone could have colorful rice and fish tomorrow, and it could give the patients more nutrition and a change of taste.”Kitchen worker Liu Zhen said.Cooking seems like a small thing, but their task is to do this small thing well. They don’t know how long the “battle” will take, but they know that they must do their best to ensure everyone’s food.”Epidemic heart” “Epidemic heart” “epidemic food catering service is the source of the power to protect life, but also the basic defense line against the epidemic, the fight against the epidemic.In order to keep a balanced diet and enhance the immune system of our soldiers, our battlers pay great effort in food selection and cooking process.At 3:30 in the morning, the lights in the kitchen behind the canteen were already on.Dim sum chefs Xu Haiming and Xu Rui started the first batch of breakfast.”Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” Xu said of his work. “If people eat well in the morning, they will be energetic for the whole day.”Xu rui said that although he could not rush to the front line like a doctor, he would insist on making every breakfast.At 6 o ‘clock they cut and mix, at 7 o ‘clock they clean, at 8 o ‘clock they stew soup, at 8:30 they wash rice and steam rice, and at 9 o ‘clock they brush and fry vegetables.In order to ensure that meals are served on time, work must be done on time, not a second can be delayed.Before the hearth of operation room, chef Ling Deling holds a spatula as big as a spade, stir-frying, seasoning, cooking pot, loading dish at one go.Although the spring is chilly, but he has been sweating, as long as a fry will be three or four hours without a ceasefire.The dining table is connected to the battlefield, and feeding the medical staff well and well is also a way to maintain combat effectiveness.In the day after day of complicated and trivial, they rely on this belief, with the simplest oil, salt, sauce and vinegar to create the taste of “home”, with a hot meal, a bowl of hot soup to warm everyone’s heart.”Epidemic” road I protect peace “mom, dad fainted, lying on the ground can not get up, you hurry back to send dad to the hospital…”On the evening of March 17, Wang huijing received a call from her son for help. It was the peak meal time.Mr Wong and his wife, Mr Tsui gang, are meal outsourcing officers. They have been working in the meal department for four years and are the backbone of our class.With no one to take care of the two young children due to the closure of the school, Xu gang works at home while taking care of the children.On March 15, Xu gang began to feel unwell, but he wanted to endure it so as not to affect his work. Unexpectedly, he suffered an acute gastroenteritis attack that caused severe dehydration and made him unconscious for a time.”I can’t leave. People just fall apart when I leave. But my husband needs me.Wang huijing’s eyes were red.In difficult times, our battle-staff will battle together and help each other.Section chief Zhao Lingrong immediately called the old mother, let her come to Xu Gang’s home to help take care of the child, and dietitian Wu Xiaoting called his friends to accompany Xu Gang to see a doctor.When Xu was safely picked up by an ambulance and her children were taken care of, tears filled her eyes.This is the battle we face day and night in our meal section at Erjing Centre.Here, there are no lofty words, only POTS and pans of symphony;There is no blood boiling, only the simple ordinary firewood.A soup a meal, a porridge between a dish are their silent efforts.This is not only for the more than 550 people in the hospital to have a hot and nutritious meal in this special period of “spring cold”, but also for the prevention and control of the epidemic with practical actions to contribute their own strength.Correspondent Yao Yanjia