Visit qingyun Road pedestrian street!The holiday is popular

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Guiyang net news taste food, photo clocking, experience handicraft, watch performances……February 5, the reporter just opened the street qingyun road pedestrian street to see, the street bustling, crowded, a lively scene.It is understood that during the Spring Festival holiday, qingyun Road pedestrian street has an average daily flow of about 30,000 people. This old street, which carries the strong urban nostalgia and food memories of Guiyang people, has been upgraded and improved to show a new look in front of the public.Qingyun Road was built in 1927, originally a section of hunan and Guizhou highway.According to records, the road from the green hillside to tu Yun guan stop and named, there is also a legend “qingyun” two words placed on the good expectations of the students academic career, there is the implication of “progress”.Qingyun Road pedestrian street total walking length of more than 1000 meters, zunyi Road to Xinhua section.In 1990, in order to meet the employment needs of the poor people and laid-off workers in the area, the government agreed to allow 64 poor families in Laoxingguan Road to set up stalls and run night markets in xingguan Road, gradually forming a spontaneous farmers’ market and night market stall economy.In 2010, to strengthen the urban management, nanming district jurisdiction night market vendors “comrades” specification to wan road, and for the vendors configuration of a unified stainless steel dining car, installed the lampblack purifier and sewage treatment facilities, xing guan road night market thus ingoing qingyun road, and wan road night market together, original form qingyun road night market, which has a span of more than 700 meters.In the past 30 years, the image of qingyun Road “late night canteen” has been deeply ingrained in people’s minds. However, while providing a life satisfaction for local diners and opening a window on Guiyang for foreign tourists, factors such as aging infrastructure, single layout of business forms and noise pollution from oil smoke restrict the pace of urban development.Ascension, imminent!In 2020, Nanming District will implement the “Retreat street entry” of qingyun Road night market, standardize the night market stall owners and business households to carry out business indoors, and start the renovation and upgrading of Qingyun Road pedestrian street.In the process of transformation and upgrading, Nanming District scientifically demarcated the area of “stay, change and tear down” on the basis of retaining the urban fireworks, urban context and urban style of Qingyun Road. 47 new first stores were introduced, 10 businesses were upgraded and transformed, and 160 businesses were introduced, which not only retained the nostalgia memory, but also integrated into the trend of business.Qingyun Road pedestrian street will be built into a cultural experience, art leisure, commercial shopping and other functions in one, traditional and modern integration of the trend of cultural blocks.Walking along the reconstructed Qingyun Road pedestrian street, full of human fireworks, full of historical heavy sense.Temporary shops with retro style are neatly arranged in the middle of the pedestrian street, attracting many citizens to stop and buy. The door heads of shops on both sides of the pedestrian street are standardized and unified, and the facade is neat and beautiful.On the pedestrian street, there are places with names and stories of Guiyang, salt merchants Association hall, urban photography exhibition, No.1 Tower, Intangible cultural Heritage exhibition area, Guizhou tea tasting area and other key points, bringing people to feel the changes and accumulation of Guiyang history.There are lion dance, clown, guzheng, violin, rap, magic, hip-hop and other wonderful performances staged in turn, “Nan Ming Fu” art exhibition free of charge, for the masses to bring close, immersive art experience;There is the first AI intelligent coffee machine in the province, bringing citizens and tourists to experience the charm of science and technology…Jiang Ying, who lives in Huaxi, took her daughter to the qingyun Road pedestrian mall to clock in. “The environment has changed a lot,” she said. “It’s not just about food, it’s about new experiences.””As a nearby resident, the lampblack pollution, noise and traffic congestion caused by the qingyun Road night market in the past really caused a headache.Now the environment is clean and organized, and the overall style is modern and refreshing.”Wu Limin, a citizen who has lived near Qingyun Road for more than ten years, is also full of praise for the changes of qingyun Road pedestrian street.In order to preserve and improve the key words, qingyun Road pedestrian street another eye-catching point “Qingyun market” has become a must-go for tourists.Market is to use the original mill to guiyang landscape renovation of old factory and become, after a regional image, business form upgrades, turned into a set of see, hear, smell, taste and touch is a body comprehensive square slow life, brought together here in the province of guizhou, all kinds of food and entertainment tide play, both the crispy duck, intestinal flourishing, casserole powder, bean curd mariko, barbecue and other old taste,There are also hand-made shops, mobile coffee carts, quick drawing comics, non-mortuary examination and other new styles.In the market “qingyun never night city” on the first floor, all kinds of snacks, citizens shuttle between various shops, looking for food.”We are in the original Qingyun Road night market for 20 years of operation of the old shop – Xia Ji fresh meat dumplings and Wang Ji fruit bean flower, Qingyun Road night market ‘retreat street home’, the government on the publicity of qingyun Road pedestrian street transformation direction, feel good planning, so we did not choose to rent in another place to operate.Today, the market is clean and regulated, there are more businesses, the environment is better, there are more people, it’s much better than the sidewalk night market.””Said Ms. Wang, a business owner.”The upgrading and transformation of Qingyun Road pedestrian Street is not accomplished overnight. In order to create a characteristic landmark of Guiyang, Guizhou and even the whole country, it still needs a long time of elaboration.”Relevant person in charge of Guiyang Nanming City Operation and Development Co., LTD., the operation enterprise of Qingyun Road Pedestrian Street, said that in the future, the enterprise will focus on shaping cultural landmarks, selecting iconic areas or buildings to implant innovative scenes, attracting young talents and young consumer groups through the introduction of new formats;Accelerate the establishment of elimination mechanism, guide stores to upgrade and transform, optimize the layout of commercial formats, and comprehensively improve commercial quality;Improve management ability and level, further standardize management measures, clear management responsibility and management scope, so that more enterprises and people participate in the management and operation of the pedestrian street, discuss and jointly create a more beautiful pedestrian street.(Ran Tinglin, Rong Media reporter, Guiyang Daily)