Watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, Weifang athletes look forward to the provincial Games

2022-05-11 0 By

Weifang weifang daily melting media inquiry on 4 February 20, the 24th winter Olympics opening ceremony was held at the national stadium in Beijing, prepared for provincial games of all sports coaches and athletes focus with aflame mood to watch the opening ceremony, witness the history of this great moment.At the opening ceremony, the city fencing team stood and sang the national anthem.In the evening, zhejiang Qiandao Lake water sports base training weifang rowing team more than 70 members in the coach Zou Lihua led early came to the TV waiting to watch;The 40 members of the Weifang Men’s football team, who are training in Beihai, Guangxi, also watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games with the coaching staff.In weifang sports school training hall, the weifang fencing team at the end of a day of training in the training hall collective watch.”Three, two, one!With the countdown on the screen, athletes and coaches waved the red flag together to send blessings to the Olympic athletes.Members of the city fencing team watch the opening ceremony.When the national flag played the national anthem, all stood up, solemn salute, the Olympic athletes in turn entered the stadium, applauded and cheered, lit the Winter Olympic flame…As the crowd watched, the younger athletes flushed as they cheered and shouted, the outpouring of emotion getting stronger and stronger.City rowing team members watch the opening ceremony.Rowing team manager li-hua zou said, the 25th provincial games will be held in August this year, the winter training period is the key to win provincial games, group members collectively watch Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, hope everyone to success of the Beijing Olympics as an opportunity to vigorously carry forward the Olympic spirit, hard work, struggle, strive for in provincial games again.City men’s football team watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Shan Chao, the coach of the men’s football team, said that the training of the team members must be well organized, to further carry forward the Olympic spirit, hard training, with the best competitive level and psychological state to meet the provincial Games, competition results, competition style, and strive to win glory for Weifang.Weifang Daily all-media reporter: Fu Dongsheng/photo