Why are rural soldiers rarely seen in the current conscription season?Three reasons are realistic

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In the past, many rural boys would choose to join the army in order to ease the burden on their families.The military not only provides welfare to support their families, they can also defend their country and contribute their full blood to it.There has always been a boom in the army in the countryside. Countless people from the countryside are desperate to join the army, and the army also likes hard-working people in the selection.But in the current conscription season, rural soldiers are rarely seen again. How is that?Well, there are three practical reasons.China is a populous country, so conscription has always been optional.In the past, rural people were more eager to join the army than urban people because life was difficult in the countryside, so there were more rural soldiers in the army.But now society develops rapidly, the consciousness of being a soldier has been imprinted on people’s minds.There is no lack of people in the city to defend their country.The increasing number of urban people choosing to join the military is making it more difficult for rural people to join the military and reducing the proportion of rural soldiers.Competition is one reason why fewer rural people join the army.Up to now, war is not as simple as rushing into the battlefield as in movies and TV works.Modern war covers many fields of science and technology, and now all countries are vigorously promoting the science and technology of the army.In addition to thermal weapons that need to evolve, various high-tech combat methods also need to be developed.Therefore, China’s army now needs more technical personnel, soldiers should not only have good military quality, but also have certain knowledge and learning ability.Rural people generally have no higher education than the city, the original reason why rural people are keen to be a soldier is that the requirements of low education, and the soldiers can also enjoy good treatment.However, as the threshold to join the army has been raised, many rural people cannot respond to the military needs, which naturally reduces the number of rural people who want to join the army.Under the outstanding leadership of relevant departments in China, the gap between rural and urban areas is narrowing.The standard of living in rural areas has improved significantly, and people in rural areas no longer have to work for their families as they did before.Now rural people in the comfortable living environment, nature can not be as hard as before.Physical quality and psychological quality are also different from the previous rural people.And after a comfortable life, many are reluctant to join the rigors of military life.The education level is the content that our country always attaches importance to. The education level of a region is related to the overall accomplishment of the local people.Therefore, with the development of rural economy, local teaching resources have also been developed.Now rural schools and teachers are much better than before.The average education level of the rural population is also skyrocketing. There will be more natural choices for people with higher education in the countryside, and the army is no longer the optimal choice as before.Whether urban or rural, those who defend the motherland and the people are excellent and reliable talents.It is also a good thing that rural people are no longer rushing to join the army as they once did.It is a reassuring message to the public that the military will only become more advanced in the future in order to keep pace with global trends.In addition, rural people have more choices, which also represents that China’s way of promoting rural development is being effective, and rural people’s living standards are steadily improving.This series of good phenomena has made countless people feel proud of their country.