Australia is pessimistic about China: China has changed, even if Australia changed its prime minister

2022-05-12 0 By

For a long time, Australians believed that they had iron ore and China could do nothing about it, but there is no doubt that australians were wrong.China is too lazy to do anything simply because there is no security issue for China and when it does China will go straight to the point.Last year, the United States, Britain and Australia formed a us-led alliance called Orcus.To this end, the United States, Britain and Australia signed a trilateral defense agreement, under which the United States and Britain will provide Australia with nuclear submarine technology to limit China’s maritime power in the region.China challenged Australia’s overreaching by hosting a summit of Pacific island nations, including Fiji, Tonga, Niue and Papua New Guinea, from which Australia was singled out.In this regard, some foreign media believe that the participating countries can see that China is entering Australia’s backyard and setting fire there.As we all know, Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, surrounded by island countries in the Pacific Ocean.As a result, Australia has long been the dominant power in the region.But now China is trying to establish good diplomatic, economic and investment cooperation with Pacific island countries.These actions are bound to have a certain impact on Australia’s regional influence. However, under the interference of the outside world, Morrison gave up destroying the 99-year lease contract of Darwin Port between China lanqiao Group and the Northern Territory, and even played the overseas version of Tiktok to show his friendship to Chinese enterprises.Since talked about here, that would have to say something about the upcoming election in Australia, in a recent statistics in some polls showed that Morrison’s approval rating continues to decline, he led by the liberal party is likely to be in the next election debacle, victory will be a Labour, thought, the leader of Australia’s opposition labor party Anthony alberta Barnes,Will learn from Mr Morrison’s lessons and take the initiative to improve strained relations with China, but Australia’s leader-in-waiting has quickly changed his face, blaming China like mad.Anthony Albanese, a senior Australian official, said in a recent media interview that Australia has not changed, but China has changed, and the current difficulties in China-Australia relations would not be of any use even if Australia changed its prime minister.If Anthony Albanese is elected in Australia’s next election, it is no exaggeration to say that China must act as a warning to other countries that dare to provoke China.While enjoying the economic growth dividends of China, Australia is following in the footsteps of the US to restrain China.If China lets such behavior go unchecked, it will give other belligerent states the illusion that they can provoke China with impunity and without incurring any provocation costs.Once this illusion is given to the outside world, there will be more “Australia” around China, and then there will be big trouble.