Christy Chung, 51, shot a video to make a mistake, even filming the two daughters head said there is a brother, suspected of being pregnant with four children

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On January 25, sexy beauty Christy Chung posted a video of herself and her two daughters on social media, which sparked speculation that she was pregnant.Her two daughters are rummaging through their mother’s jewellery and the koala soon has a string of wide gold bracelets and several gold rings on her fingers.At this time, Chung suddenly appeared, while filming the video, walked over to her daughters and patted them in the head.Be mother “catch bag” after, two little girls a lovely scratching head smile, a quick clever bow, appear particularly lovely.I have to say, the girls’ looks are getting better and better.The second daughter Zhang Sijie, 13 years old, wearing light makeup, long hair shawl, turning back the moment is very amazing, delicate facial features and childhood gap is obvious, she can be said to be a perfect interpretation of women’s eighteen changes, more and more beautiful.Compared with her sister, the 11-year-old koala has not changed much and is as charming as ever, which makes Zhang Sijie all the more remarkable.However, compared to the two girls’ high appearance level, Chung’s copywriting is more eye-catching.In the caption, Chung wrote: “My sister is confused. Only my brother can shoot the video.”Is that a hint of pregnancy?After the video was posted, many netizens asked “is there any good news” in the comments online, and some even wished Chung well for finally giving birth to her fourth child.Chung is known to have been married three times, having a daughter with her first foreign husband and two daughters with her second, Yan Zheng.After getting married to her husband, Zhang Lunshuo, 12 years younger than chung, she was repeatedly rumored to be pregnant, but unfortunately it was wrong every time.In fact, Chung was eager to give birth to a child for Chang lun-suk.She once shouted excitedly to the sky in a variety show, “Baby, mom and dad are ready, we are waiting for you, you want to have three sisters love you”.In July 2020, another Internet user came across Liti Zhong and his wife in Putuo Temple.The two waited patiently in line to burn incense at this holy place of asking for children.In addition, Chung also drank Traditional Chinese medicine to regulate her body and tried artificial insemination with estrogen injections, but she had no choice but to give up due to health reasons.After all, she was 46 by the time she married for the third time.Therefore, the sudden renews that Chung is pregnant has surprised netizens.Unfortunately, this time, I’m afraid to disappoint Internet users.According to a netizen, The content of chung’s video is a very popular topic on short video platforms recently, so it is likely that chung is just following the trend and not really having a “brother” with her fourth child.Pregnancy pays attention to fate, in any case, hope Zhong Liti can be healthy, and Zhang Lunshuo happily spend the rest of his life.# Christi Chung #, # Christi Chung’s fourth child #, # Christi Chung’s daughter #