He thought he hated her the most, but when she died he found he loved her the most

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Small make up recommend everyone today: the love hate than that he thought hate most is her, she’s death incense found favorite is her first book: love, hate the catch main content: the love hate than that he thought hate most is her, she’s death incense found her favorite highlights: in uncle home, to the stockade in a dozen adults with five or six more lively and lovely children.Except for two grandfathers and a grandmother who adored her, all the adults were uncles who grew up with their father.The adults have been concerned about the murder of their father and the death of their mother.For more than a decade, the villagers did not believe that their mother would kill her husband.Without these uncles, my parents would not have been buried well.Meng Yun never forgot the kindness of these people.02 dream cloud every time go home, all want to give these uncle grandpa a pack of cigarettes, give grandma and children send some candy.This time is no different.The children got their sweets and went outside to play, but the grown-ups were still sitting in their uncle’s house, smoking the cigarettes Dream-clouds had bought, and talking about the young man who had suddenly entered the stockade: “This is a new thing. Is it possible that this man has come with a plan and an agenda?””That young man doesn’t look at all like a bookmaker to me.””He was so strong that he looked like a policeman and an athlete.”(Click below to read online for free) second: “Love you, after hate you” highlights: “nonsense, you are not good I will hold you?””That you divorce marry me!”Li Yuan a few seconds later said: “obediently do the woman behind me, spend my money, enjoy my love, and give me a male and a female, I guarantee you a lifetime of food and clothing, not good?”The woman tried to say something more, but all she could do was purr, presumably gagged.They continued to be shameless, and I heard them clench their fists.The sad thing is, I don’t even know who the woman is.Li Yuan cleaned up the contents of the traffic recorder, only the content of the day before yesterday, it is estimated that he forgot to delete it.Only feel the voice is not Luo Yulin, as for who, I temporarily have no clue.Originally he did not cheat Luo Yulin, but cheated on another woman.A restless woman he hid from me, and I might have been kept in the dark if she hadn’t sent me a package with her swagger.Oh, Li Yuan is really a perfect husband, perfect even derailed to hide the truth.But after all, there is no wall that is impervious to wind. Since I have found clues, I will follow them to find out this pair of dogs and men.I steadied myself and drove to the hospital, telling myself I had to manage my face, at least until my mom was well enough to leave.My parents treat him like a son. How painful it would be to know his ugly face!(Click below to read it for free online.) The third book: Hate on the Left, Love on the Right highlights: Hot steam, I casually dry body.This found himself with the wrong pajamas, is before Fu Jianghan sent, said it was a little mind.Because some exposure, has been placed useless, did not expect to be his careful to take in.”Han, have you washed well ah.”The door of the bathroom was knocked, the tall figure of Fu Jiang Cold was the faint kind of illumination.I scowled: it was not a good time to ask him to bring me an undergarment.It was too vague, like a hint.I bit my lip and put it back on.As soon as the door was opened, Fu Jianghan’s head fell heavily on my shoulder.”How did you drink so quickly?His nostrils were full of a strong smell of wine, and MY brows tightened and I helped him to the living room.”Ahan, I…I like you.”He rubbed my waist with his hands, his tone ambiguous.I pushed his body. “You’re drunk. You’d better have a good rest.”Put someone on the couch, I want to go.But was pushed down by a force of gravity on the sofa, Fu Jianghan took advantage of the matter deceiving the body, kissing my neck.The action is violent.The other hand is not idle, gently pinching my breast, hand into the clothing, fine plucking the red tassel.I wrong turn away, his lips point my earlobe, “the last thing is not necessarily, we continue good?”He pushed the heat that was beneath him against me, and he came up and kissed me.(click below free online reading) the love hate than that he thought hate most is her, she’s death incense found is that is her favorite small make up to bring the wonderful books today, hope you like them, and then add more attention and collection oh, there are fans can also have opinions and views in the comments section,Xiaobian will discuss with you about good novels and wonderful story lines!