How much does the standard application cost?Deal with which standard is good?

2022-05-12 0 By

Sales of products with national standards or industry standards, only for product implementation standards registration, which is not charged.Only the product does not have national standard or industry standard, need to work out product enterprise standard (oneself work out also do not collect fees), declare put on record (also do not collect fees), but before putting on record, need product inspection, expert review, this needs certain charge expenditure.With the development of science and technology, also become very convenient convenient our daily life, life is becoming more and more science and technology, the renewal speed of products are also gradually increase, but at present a lot of products have no corresponding standards to the quality of the products, so many businessmen choose to deal with standards, generally an enterprise standard range from writing to the record is about 1000 yuan.Specific charges or need to be decided according to the industry.