Li Xiu, 47, a transgender woman, said she was divorced because of infertility, and her health is not as good as that of an 80-year-old

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Lily, 47 years old.Transgender people, as a special group, are often criticized.Even with the title of “The most beautiful transsexual actress in South Korea”, Ha Lixiu, also can not escape the mood change, as well as accelerating the aging body.In 1975, Ha Lixiu was born in Seoul, South Korea.▲ Before the degeneration of the River Lixiu.Helixiu’s personality is very quiet, he likes pink, like girls’ small skirts, but also like the decorations girls wear.Ho Lixiu’s skeleton was so small that he felt as if he could fit into a dress.He wanted to try, but being a boy, his offer was ruthlessly rejected by his parents.As helixiu grows older, she is often teased at school, which worries her parents.His father could not understand his son and felt that Helixiu was too unsatisfactory.In his anger, he often scolded him.After being scolded by her father, Helixiu often shrank away in fear, which made her father even angrier.But no matter how opposed by her father, Helixiu did not change her behavior.▲ South Korean transgender artist Ha Lixiu.On the far left of the right is Ha Li-soo before her sex change.At school, Helixiu likes to make up for herself and dresses in a feminine way.Because she was too timid, She was pushed into the ladies’ room by her classmates and suffered mental damage.At the age of 16, She played a walk-on role in South Korean films and TV dramas, but because she had not changed sex at that time, she could only play male roles, which once made him feel miserable.Growing up in this environment, She runs away from home at the age of 18.He was going to fulfill his dream of a makeover.What could a boy of eighteen, without a high degree, do outside?Part-time job.▲ Is still a man’s body river Li show.In the day that works, Helixiu had boyfriend, two people communicated for a long time.Once they had an argument, the boyfriend said, “You’re not a woman anyway.”Hear the words of the Helixiu suffered from stimulation, determined to change sex, only to save enough money to start.In 1995, Helixiu went to Japan, this trip in addition to the Tokyo Design institute to study hair design major, there is a more important purpose – to accept a sex change operation.It was not until 1998 that Ha li-soo became a real woman.She has everything a woman should have except that she can’t have children.When she underwent sex reassignment surgery, She said her lower body felt like she had been hit with a hammer and her whole body swelled up. She lay in bed for two weeks and took painkillers to survive.In addition to undergoing a full sex change operation, She also had her face altered.In this way, 23-year-old Helixiu became a woman completely, a beautiful woman.In 1999, she was discovered by a talent scout as a freshman, and her brilliant career began.Because ha Lixiu “transsexual art” identity, itself is very topical.Far from sinking, her controversial career has flourished, gaining popularity as a model, recording and acting star.Ha said that at her peak, she earned 100 million won (about 530,000 yuan) by running two events a day.Of course, Ha li-soo rented a small house for 150,000 won (about 800 yuan) during the low times, and couldn’t even afford the rent.But behind the scenes, life for the transgender community is hard.Even Ha Li-soo, who has been dubbed “The most beautiful transsexual actress in South Korea”, cannot escape this fate.Dilemma 1: Emotional problems.The first is emotional.Unable to have children, it is difficult for transgender people to find long-term, happy love.In 2007, 32-year-old Ha Yeo-soo (1975) married singer Jeong Young-jin (1981), who is six years younger than her.The wedding was performed by the surgeon who performed the sex change operation for Helixiu.Although the marriage was not expected to go well, the couple often posted pictures of their love on social media after the marriage, which seemed sweet for a while.Everyone admired River lixiu’s determination to pursue true love.However, there is one problem that all transgender people face — the inability to have children.After marriage, Helixiu wanted to give birth to a child, but for physical reasons, she could not realize this wish.She had considered a uterus transplant, but it was a very complicated procedure.Put aside the success rate problem, the doctor asked to finish the operation to live in the hospital for a year, Helixiu could not accept.A year in hospital is not only a physical pain for Helixiu, but also the loss of almost all her income.As we all know, transgender people have a short career shelf life, and She can’t afford to wait.Later, the couple also considered adopting a child.But because of Her special status, their adoption application was also rejected.After 10 years, the marriage ended in 2017.There have been many speculations about the reasons for their divorce, ranging from Zheng’s financial problems to the fact that they spent less time together and spent more time apart.However, She appeared on a variety show to dispel the rumors, saying that her ex-husband was not at fault or in any other way, but that he was unable to have children, which led to the divorce.There was a lot of defense for her ex-husband.(Digression: Ask entertainment think Zheng Yingzhen should know helixiu is a transsexual when they get married, unable to have children is inevitable.Isn’t it inappropriate to make an issue of infertility 10 years later?)Jeong married his girlfriend in November 2019 and announced her pregnancy in 2020.When Jeong young-jin, who remarries, announces that he has become a father, Ha-soo generously gives her blessing.Later, Helixiu also announced their new feelings, but there is no plan to get married.Hopefully, this relationship will heal her pain.Dilemma 2: Sequela problem.In addition to emotional difficulties, older transgender people also face great physical challenges.The 47-year-old still looks good, but her face is swollen. When she has large expressions, her facial lines often go wrong, even though facial expression management does not help.But her fans are more worried about what’s going on inside her body than what’s going on behind her face.The 47-year-old revealed on a variety show that she has gone through menopause twice.She went through menopause at an early age and went through a second menopause in her 40s because she had sex reassignment surgery at a young age and her hormone levels were unstable.Upset, insomnia, body feeling hot and cold, coupled with career and emotional instability, once let her mood become very bad, and even had the idea of suicide.After her divorce, She became the subject of controversy for her plastic surgery.She once posted a black and white photo on social media with the caption: “I live in this world where my loved ones have been subjected to harsh words for me and criticized for loving me. What can I do for my loved ones?My very existence may be a mistake, close your eyes and hope not to wake up.After a period of adjustment, He lixiu plans to start over.In order to walk out of the haze of lost marriage, Helixiu re-wear high-heeled shoes to dance, she began to go on a diet to lose weight, hoping to return to the most beautiful appearance, embrace a new life.However, not long after exercise, She felt pain in her knee and had to go to the hospital for an examination.An examination startled, Helixiu was checked out to suffer from serious osteoporosis.Doctors say she has less bone density than even her 80-year-old mother.Because of the gender reassignment operation she received at a very young age, Her body function is aging rapidly, and her physical condition is far inferior to that of other women of her age.Although she has achieved great success in her career, she may be able to eat and drink for the rest of her life, but the price she pays is not small.The pain of surgery, the criticism, the loss of loved ones, the inability to have children of your own.The transgender community will also face more physical challenges as it ages.”Worth it” or “not worth it” is already a fait accompli for Ha Li-soo. There is no chance to do it again.Now I can only wish her a good lover and a happy life.Do you think true love can transcend fertility problems?What do you think of Her life and that of the transgender community in general?Leave a comment and tell us what you think.