Liu Yifei is famous for many years, the “godfather” behind her money to pave the way, how good?

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We all know that Liu Yifei is very red, but do not know liu Yifei’s backer is who.He lavished millions on Liu yifei’s birthday and drove her in a Porsche Cayenne.So who is he?It is said that Liu Yifei behind the godfather Chen Jinfei.So who is Chen Jinfei?And who is he?He is a big backer of liu Yifei’s resources in the film and television industry.He is the CEO of Beijing General Property Investment Group. He is an invisible rich man, and he has been listed by Forbes.We know that for so many years, Liu Yifei’s films are either the leading role or the female number two. They are all followed by big directors, such as Zhang Jizhong, who directed the Xiaolongnu played by Liu Yifei in the Return of the Condor Heroes.When she was young, she had a very elegant, quiet feeling.Now after becoming famous, she also co-starred with Jet Li in the film Mulan, so she is now a very famous top star in the entertainment industry.So she now has so many resources and fame, all thanks to her behind the godfather Chen Jinfei.Liu Yifei was born in a divorced family and grew up with her mother.Because her mother is a performer in Wuhan Song and Dance Theater, influenced by her mother since childhood, she is also good at dancing.Later, with the help of Chen Jinfei, I was admitted to The Beijing Film Academy, which is the dream of many people.So how does Liu Yifei know Chen Jinfei?It is said that when she was 5 years old, her mother met Chen Jinfei in the United States, so he saw Liu Yifei for the first time, thought that the girl is extraordinary temperament, and regarded her as his dry daughter.And Chen Jinfei to Liu Yifei and her mother very care, whether it is life, or development.It is said that when Liu Yifei was 15 years old, Chen Jinfei invested in a TV series called “Family of Gold powder”, because of the role of the female number two, from then on, Liu Yifei became famous, and began to open the life.Think of a 15-year-old girl, who should be in school at that time, but can play such a good role in the TV series, it can be said that it is very rare, and it also makes her wear the halo of fame and wealth.Since then, Liu Yifei began to shoot a lot of TV dramas and movies, and each drama is either female number one or female number two, very enviable.Chen also opened a company specifically for Liu and became her boss and manager.Since then, no matter what film Liu yifei plays, there is Chen Jinfei behind the support.We know that Chen is very kind to Liu yifei, and once spent 1.8 million yuan to celebrate her 18th birthday.Famous stars in the entertainment industry, including Huang Xiaoming, Lin Zhiying and director Zhang Jizhong, were also invited to support the show.It was perfect.So Liu Yifei’s development, this way really can not leave the support of father, if there is no father, estimated Liu Yifei can not go now.Because becoming a top star is the dream of many women.But Liu Yifei is very easy to get, so this behind the tree Chen Jinfei at least contributed more than 99 percent.It can be said very frankly, without the help of Chen Jinfei, there must be no now famous Liu Yifei.Even when Liu Yifei starred in The Forbidden Kingdom, many people joked that Jackie Chan and Jet Li were just her green leaves.This also reflects the strength behind her is how powerful ah.But sometimes good times don’t last long, 15 years of time, because Liu Yifei was spread and South Korean star Song Seung-heon fall in love and cohabitation, the news in the entertainment circle of the uproar.At that time, it was also because they shot a movie “The Third Love”, which was well received by the audience. The relationship played in it is really touching.But the movie is a movie after all, the movie into the reality of only Liu Yifei and SSH.Until they officially declared a relationship, there is no more Chen Jinfei.There is no news that Liu’s godfather did anything for her.Not long after that, we saw Chen Jinfei start to praise another actress named Yang Caiyu.Chen helped Yang caiyu in Youth and later starred in Director Feng Xiaogang’s If You Know.And when it was done, it made her career soar.Chen Jinfei also holds Liu Yifei in both hands as before Yang Caiyu.It was only in 2017 that he and Yang Caiyu were photographed kissing before their marriage was officially announced.But now, a person’s fame is not accidental, must be in the right place at the right time.If Chen Jinfei did not go to the United States to identify Liu Yifei as his dry daughter, then now in the film circle, may not have liu Yifei’s name.What do you think about that?Leave a comment in the comments section