Chapter 13 (Complete return)

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What kind of mother, can educate what kind of daughter, one plan can not regenerate two.Soft proposed tit for tat, what happened today, to cold home again perfect staged.When the time comes to insist that cold Herong and Begang entanglement, dark through the tune, the man has been unruly behavior perverse, also not bad seduce sister-in-law this one.Not only can keep the cold home sent all the gift content, but also get a large sum of hush money, why not?Seho-nam, who had been out of patience for a long time, finally spoke up and threw tea in his daughter’s face.Hot boiling water instant another division soft’s face is red and swollen, she from small to large are pet with love, was suddenly poured tea south, the whole person is covered.”Ah!”Secretary soft suddenly shrieks, hands cover face, eyes are full of injustice.”Why do you throw hot tea at me? Have I done anything wrong?Who is your real daughter?Aaargh…””Shut up!So wicked at a young age!My name will be ruined in your hands!”Si Honan’s hand shook with anger.”Sehonan, who gave you the nerve to fight your daughter?Without the efforts of my daughter and I, this family would have been nothing. Why are you pretending to be proud?That fool is the real outsider!She was abandoned by her husband’s family for her own indiscretions, why should she let her daughter be a bucket of anger!”Yu Mei hastened to protect soft division in the arms, love dearly.”More trouble than trouble!What a poor mother!”Si Hao Nan is also a rare dare and Yu Mei on the bar, raised his hand ruthlessly patted the tea table, shouted.”Give me the power of attorney now!Right now!””How can I have a power of attorney? Of course, that kind of thing is on Sitang himself.”Soft dead duck mouth hard very, a pair of innocent appearance.The reason why Si Hao Nan reluctantly agreed to marry Sitang is that he has left a good way out for Sitang, the beneficiary on the letter of authorization must be Sitang, otherwise there is no talk.Mother and daughter two people pretend to nod and agree, but secretly secretly put the letter of authorization in their hands custody.Had it not been for today’s drama, Sehonan would not have known about it.”You are not afraid of retribution!Si Hao South hate iron does not become steel, and said yu Mei, angry up, mercilessly jilted the door to leave.”Mother, you must be my backbone…”Si Rou had never seen her father like this, and she was completely flustered.Si Hao Nan on weekdays are not easy to say no to Yu Mei, today dare to jilt the door and out, enough to see how much anger.”Good boy, it’s all right. I’ll go and see.”Yu Mei comforted her daughter and got up quickly to follow her.”Dear daughter, give the power of attorney back to Sitang and let the bodyguards go back with her.”Yu Mei had a good while before coming back, like a deflated balloon, very ugly face.It turned out that she had been thinking in the wrong direction.She and Sehonan made it very clear in front of the bodyguards.Leng Ye Chen told them to send Sitang back, only because it is the day of the door, not repent.She and her daughter before all kinds of worries have become unnecessary, listen to the meaning of the bodyguards, Sitang in the cold home of comfortable.She’s just an idiot, living in a cold house!…Yu Mei heart plug very, the department of soft mood is not where to go.”Mother, my father has always been so obstinate, why are you in a daze?A hard-won authorization, and I’m not giving it back!That is my future to raise the price of weight!”Si Rou in the mind 1.2 million not happy.”My dear daughter, take your mother’s advice. Things are all right now. If everyone knows about it, there’s nothing you can do about it if you want to marry the Mo family.”Secretary soft feel mother’s words are reasonable, so is the best way to do, quickly give yu Mei power of attorney.”Mother, you must tell that fool to keep her power of attorney close to her, no matter who wants her, she can not give out.”Later, when the time was right, she would have to find a way to get authorization.Financial center, Collin Mall.Leng Yechen sits in the office, engrossed in the surveillance video of the day, the woman who calls herself Moxirou repeatedly appears in the playback video.She walked calmly into the store and left in a hurry.Obviously not the same person, not too different in height, different in build, older.Leng Ye Chen always feel surveillance video in the woman some familiar feeling, but also did not go to si Tang that think.Maybe after years of plastic surgery, one’s appearance will change.Mossie cared deeply about her appearance, and it was impossible for her disfigured appearance to be seen by the public.Sybil, do you know how much I miss you?Even if you were ruined, I would never abandon you.Click!The glass was smashed hard on the polished marble floor and shattered.”Fools!What a bunch of losers!Can’t even keep track of an important visitor!Fire them all!”Leng Ye Chen fire emit three zhangs, anger is difficult to disappear.”No problem.”Huan Haolin, sitting on the sofa, nodded.He had only his own conceit to blame for such a result.Such an important person to negotiate, whether it is the front desk or administrative staff or security, will personally follow up, leng Ye Chen is afraid that too many personnel will frighten Moxirou, do not allow them to go in accordance with the procedure.He could never have imagined, with all his ingenuity, that everyone had come and suddenly gone.Thanks to the surveillance system, we got a clear record of the car she was in when she left.