Dai Jiafong said in the book that Liu Qingtang “secretly rules” the actress’s private life indiscretions, is this credible?

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Model operas as well as the product of modern Chinese revolution is a special period, ten years is ruled out many outstanding works, ten years has boomed for many people, and these routines for ten years on the stage, and became the common people popular classic, the popularity of some say this is passive, because there is no other work to choose from.However, after the end of the special era, the model opera and the revolutionary modern opera withdrew from the stage, just like the traditional Opera at the beginning.During this period, many people expressed their views on model operas and revolutionary modern operas. For example, Ba Jin paid attention to the description of “model operas” in His Random Thoughts, which was very subjective.The writer Zhang Yihe also wrote a lot of model operas, revolutionary modern operas and the memorizing works of Peking Opera masters in that special period.Dai Jiafong, a famous musician, has a book named The Ups and downs of Model Opera, which has a chapter named “Liu Qingtang who Committed crimes against himself” and a small chapter named “Rose to fame with the blood and groans of innocent people” (page 258 of the book). This chapter describes as follows:”In the liu Qing case to cure the miraculous” progress “on the occasion, the prosecution exposed him in the life of promiscuous relations between men and women have been sent to the superior leadership department.Even before the Cultural Revolution, he was caught having an affair with a dancer in a ballet troupe, and the ballet troupe gave him party criticism.To the “Cultural Revolution” in power, romantic by nature he more unbridled to the point of immoral and shameless.A girl two years younger than he had been long occupied by him;And any actress, whether you want to fight for in the play when the leading role or dance, or give her husband hukou, arrangements for work, and even under the threat of terror to avoid criticism, as long as there is a request to him, are likely to become his hand plaything, to meet his quick show off!Later, Liu qingtang simply set up his office next to the women’s bathroom, in addition to a desk, file cabinet, there is a large bed, the name of the day to rest during the night shift.He often peeped at the door in his office, and when an actress passed by after a bath, he would invite her in for a conversation under various names, and then he would coax her into sleeping with him!Many weak-willed, power-shy actresses had to be pushed around in disgrace.”And whether this paragraph does not dispute us, because we have not personally experienced that era, also have no contact with Liu Qingtang.In his later years, Liu Qingtang said in an interview that he was wronged, but this cannot be a single opinion, because after all, many people do not agree with it.Especially as we all know Liu Qingtang in the feelings of came from the sand, sand this affection he really sorry, because the sand tone when he’s down and out with him for eight years, and is also really love him, and is keen to a birthright, but Liu Qingtang ultimately negative her, so the sand sound memory Liu Qingtang said he was “genie” had landed in hell!