During the Spring Festival, yangshuo public security “good people and good deeds” continue

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During the Spring Festival, all police officers of Yangshuo public Security stick to their posts and conscientiously carry out security and stability maintenance, street prevention and control, public security improvement, traffic protection and public safety management.While doing a good job in patrol prevention and control, he did not forget the purpose of serving the people and helped the people with enthusiasm. His practical actions won praise from the people, explaining the “people’s public security for the people”.A girl who became separated from her family while going to market on February 5 was quickly reunited with her family after being found alone by traffic police.That evening at about 21:30, Yangshuo county public Security Bureau traffic police squadron on duty traffic police are on duty at the old station disc, found a wearing blue clothes, carrying a pink schoolbag little girl riding a small bicycle kept wandering in place, and no parents accompanied by the side, suspected lost.Seeing this, the police immediately came forward to ask, the child saw the police, he told the police uncle separated from their parents, can not find the way home.When the police asked her name and address and other information, the little girl was emotional, has not been willing to talk, to help the little girl find her family as soon as possible, police to appease their emotions, while immediately reported to the Yangshuo County public Security Bureau command center, pay attention to whether there is a lost children’s alarm phone.While the police were carrying out relevant work, a public to 110 command center alarm to find the missing child, after verification, this person is the child’s father, immediately, the traffic police on duty and the father of the little girl made contact, the child’s parents when facing the traffic police on duty warm heart move repeatedly thank.Before leaving, the police repeatedly told the family, try not to let the children walk alone in the street, must be careful and careful about the children, do not let the children leave the line of sight of the family, otherwise once there is an accident will regret.At 11:00am on February 5, 2022, The Gaotian police Station of Yangshuo County public Security Bureau received 110 instructions, saying that a crowd was trapped in the back hill of Gaotian Town water village when he was accidentally crushed by a stone, and requested police rescue.After receiving the alarm, Takata police station immediately organized rescue forces with equipment quickly rushed to the scene to carry out the rescue, while requesting fire rescue brigade, emergency rescue team, blue sky rescue team, town health centers and other departments to assist.The rescue was very difficult because the mountain where the police were trapped was very high and wooded, and there was no way up.According to the general description of the alarm and familiar with the road search and rescue personnel judgment, police and search and rescue personnel on foot into the mountain to the trapped people area.After the unremitting efforts of the police and rescue workers, in a tense search for more than 8 hours, through the opening of the mountain, vertical lifting rescue and other rescue measures, finally overcome numerous difficulties will be trapped alarm rescue down the mountain to send hospital treatment.Welfare a sundry warehouse on fire, police and people together will put out the fire!At 14:00 on February 1, 2022, welfare police station received a public alarm: a fire broke out in a residential house in Xinglong Street, Welfare Town.After receiving the report, the police on duty immediately led auxiliary police rushed to the scene.After arriving at the scene, the police found that the fire is located in the underground first floor debris warehouse, the fire is surrounded by neighbors’ houses, houses connected, if the fire spread, the consequences will be unimaginable!Police rushed into the scene of the fire rescue, while orderly help nearby people to evacuate.After an hour, in the vicinity of the masses, the joint efforts of the police, the fire was successfully extinguished.Later, the police also carried out a careful examination of the fire scene to prevent a resurgence.According to preliminary understanding, the cause of the fire is due to the aging of the circuit, in order to avoid such fire accidents happen again, the police conducted on-site education on winter fire safety knowledge to the masses.The fire due to the timely handling of police, police and people work together to put out the fire, no casualties and property losses.83 – year – old old man lost, warm-hearted guy will their bailout late 19 PM on February 1, yangshuo county public security bureau 110 command center received a public warning, said the 83 – year – old mother did not return since leaving home in the morning, the family go out and find for a long time did not find, now worry that its lost, very anxious, request the police to help find.After receiving the alarm, the leaders of Yangshuo Town police station attached great importance to it and immediately ordered the police on duty to be divided into two ways, one way to search around the site of the incident, and the other way to contact the police department to request video assistance to view all the surveillance videos near the village that day.Police in contact with the alarm to confirm the old man’s specific identity information, continue to monitor the search.Video patrol officers check the location and surrounding monitoring of the old man, and arrange the surrounding patrol police to look up the road according to the real-time track of the old man.As time passed, there was still no sign of the old man.Through the untiring efforts of the search for police, 23 PM in the evening, finally the old man in baisha town next to the high street is a good guy found and sent to yangshuo town police station, then, the police on the spot for the spirit of helpful kindness guy repeatedly praised, in the end, the civilian police to help the old man to contact his family came to the police station take the old man home.A boy got separated from his family, and the police reached out to help him!On January 31, 2022, when the Spring Festival was approaching, the police on duty in Jinbao Police Station found a little boy wandering alone on the road, unaccompanied, suspected that he had got separated from his family.Through communication with him again, the little boy was not as afraid as before, and learned his personal information, then, the police through this information, through multiple work, finally contacted his family.Leave family for the little boy is too small, frightened, communication, police see in the eye, nasty in the heart, with its many times communication, the little boy did not like before timid around strangers, and that their personal information, then, through the police information, through work in many ways, everything comes to him who waits, finally made contact with his family.Later, the police on duty will be sent back to the home, the family shook hands with the police on the spot.The police told the parents to take care of their children in case they got lost during the Spring Festival, when there were many people and cars.Yangshuo Public Security “Spring Festival I am on duty” this is a responsibility this is a mission is a stick to Yangshuo public security has always been on duty in office whenever you need us have been in!