Fengxian County of Xuzhou reported the case of a woman giving birth to eight children again: an investigation has been launched

2022-05-13 0 By

On the evening of January 30, fengxian county in Xuzhou again reported the case of a woman who gave birth to eight children, saying public security authorities had set up a task force to investigate illegal activities and those suspected of committing crimes would be dealt with in accordance with the law.According to the notice, fengxian county released the county joint investigation team in accordance with the requirements of the county party Committee, the county government, netizens concerned about the relevant issues, has visited the investigation of Dong Mou Min and his family, neighbors, then and now the town and village cadres and other personnel, and access to relevant files, will be notified as follows:Yang Mou Xia (this name is taken by Dong Mou min) was taken in by Dong Mou Min’s father Dong Mou Geng (deceased) in June 1998 when he was wandering and begging at the junction of Huankou Town and Yutai County in Shandong province, and lived with Dong Mou Min since then.Found in the life, Yang xia has mental retardation performance, but life is still able to take care of themselves.When dealing with marriage registration, town civil administration office staff did not carry out strict verification of its identity information.In November 2020, the public security organs entered Yang’s DNA into the “National Public Security organs search for abducted/missing children information system” and the “national public security organs DNA database” comparison, so far has not been compared with the middle family information.The investigation also found no evidence of trafficking.Its identity information public security organs will continue in-depth investigation.Since June 2021, Yang’s condition has worsened, during the onset of the disease, often beat things, beat the elderly and children at home.To prevent the wounding of Yang Mou xia, Dong Mou min temporarily use the chain to restrain its behavior, the mental state of stability will be taken down the chain.Dong is suspected of violating the law and has been investigated by public security organs.On January 30, 2022, Yang mou Xia was diagnosed with schizophrenia by experts at the city and county levels.Expert diagnosis and treatment advice: still give antipsychotic drug treatment, when necessary restraint protection, prevent impulsive wounding and lost.Yang is currently receiving treatment in hospital.After Dong and Yang gave birth to their first and second children, the town’s family planning department implemented birth control measures for them, but they failed due to physical reasons.Dong Mou min has also taken different ways to evade the management and service of the family planning department.Since then, the family planning department has not implemented effective birth control measures in time.Since May 2014, the civil affairs and finance departments have implemented the policy of subsistence allowance and resident medical insurance for Dong’s family.Annual Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn festival for its condolence money.Three of the children receive 750 yuan per student per semester living subsidy, and the other two receive 500 yuan per student per semester government subsidy.Over the years, the village committee has often provided financial support for their living materials.In 2021, the town government will grant 37,000 yuan subsidy for the renovation of dilapidated houses to construct 4 new houses.Social caring people have also donated money and materials for it many times.The joint investigation team will conduct an in-depth investigation into the relevant situation, and those who are derelict in their duties will be dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations.The public security organs have set up a task force to investigate illegal activities, and those suspected of committing crimes will be dealt with in accordance with the law.On January 28, fengxian county, Xuzhou, reported that a preliminary investigation showed that the woman married dong Mou min in Huankou town of Fengxian County in August 1998 and that there was no kidnapping.The woman is mentally ill and has been treated.Family members and neighbors reported that Yang often beat children and elderly people for no reason.According to the diagnosis of medical institutions, Yang is suffering from mental illness. At present, he has been treated and his family has been further assisted to ensure a warm Spring Festival.