“I do practical things for the masses” truck accidentally turned into a “train” traffic police staged snow emergency rescue

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At 6:40 on February 14, anshan traffic police Qianshan brigade patrol near the south third ring road in Qianshan district, found in front of a large truck full of goods smoke, and the left rear wheel has spewed flames, the situation is very critical.Seeing this, the police immediately stopped, and quickly took off the fire extinguisher on the police car, rushed to the truck for rescue.At the same time, auxiliary police went to the surrounding factories to borrow shovels, and organize the masses to help truck drivers together to put out the fire.After more than 20 minutes of nervous fighting, the tire of the open fire was finally completely extinguished, due to timely rescue, did not cause serious consequences.In order to prevent the vehicle from reigniting, the police checked the ignition point again and again until it was confirmed that the fire had been completely extinguished.In the complete elimination of hidden dangers, the driver took the traffic police repeatedly thank, said that if it were not for the timely discovery of traffic police assistance, the consequences are unimaginable.The people call for the police to respond, the people expect the police to do.Whether it is high wind and sudden snow or scorching sun, whether it is day or night, Anshan traffic police can always be the first time to appear around the masses, for the masses to solve the sorrow, dangerous situation.Source END | anshan traffic police contributor to edit | | congratulations Wilson of crystal and crystal review | mighty