Party building leads cohesion Spring Festival to send warmth

2022-05-13 0 By

Rednet Moment Changsha, January 30 (Correspondent Li Fang) In the Spring Festival is approaching, Xinan Community united Hibiscus Pioneer Community unit hunan Xingsha Rural Commercial Bank Hongqi Road Sub-branch, Furong District changsha city, co-built unit Changsha Xingsha Compulsory isolation and drug treatment center to carry out the Spring Festival warm and consoling activities,The party and the government’s care and warmth, send New Year’s greetings and blessings to the hearts of the severely disabled, seriously ill and other vulnerable groups, so that they can spend a happy and peaceful festival.On January 29, xin ‘an community group under the door, according to the grid has all kinds of support of the community, the rescue object visits condolences, hunan star sand rural commercial bank deputy governor of red flag road sub-branch and liu came to He Shouchun old man’s house, a cordial greeting with her, care about his health and life situation, details about her family difficulties, sent solatium and caffeine arts,Moved to tears, in this cold season to feel the thick warmth.The condolence activity visited and helped 125 families, distributed more than 50,000 yuan of condolence money and 45 sets of condolence materials, which conveyed the positive energy of harmony, friendship and mutual help.Yang Ying, secretary of the Party Committee, said: the next stage, Xin ‘an community will continue to promote the “Party building to lead the gathering force” project, around creating a new pattern of co-construction, co-governance, shared community governance, to stimulate the organization force, better for the residents to send school, send law, send posts, send services, promote the harmonious integration of the jurisdiction.